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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chiang Mai Trip- No Woman No cry

Have u ever listen  to  Bob Marley popular Song.
No woman, no cry
No woman, no cry
Oh my Little sister, don't she'd no tears
No woman, no cry.. and..
 have u ever heard this slogan
This picture was taken during trip to Golden Triangle  at Thailand in 2005.A little info about this Golden Triangle( named for its opium production)

It is an area of around 950,000 km2 that overlaps the mountains of four countries of Southeast Asia: Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent and Pakistan, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia and of the world since the 1920s. Most of the world's heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world's largest producer

The Golden Triangle also designates the confluence of the Ruak River and the Mekong river, since the term has been appropriated by the Thai tourist industry to describe the nearby junction of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.

According to our tour guide that times opium was widely used during that period & many of the Thai teenagers those living in that area mostly spoiled because of this Opium was widely distributed & even
though drug dealers waiting in front  of the school gate to distribute the Opium to school teenagers..no wonder this slogan was so popular No Woman No Cry No Opium I die.....so irony

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