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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paddy Field(Padi Huma@Padi Bukit )near Katibas River Song,Sarawak

              22 Dec 2009.."balik kampung" time...my hometown ..small town Song ,Sarawak..
Katibas River near my house...It is a tributary of the Rajang River.

Paddy field(Padi huma @ Padi bukit) .belong to my grandmum.. i was following them this time.

the paddy field at early stage..harvest time is long way to go..
 ..this time is dec 2009..& 
harvest time by next year before May 2010..(before Gawai Dayak's Day)

such a nice scenery..go green
 Buah "RAMPU" @ Cucumber..
it was planting at padi huma field..& this cucumber type would turn to yellow colour when it turned mature.
my family rubber tree...

Skim padi baja persekutuan( at the padi field)
 with the BN symbol Cap Dacing..sound very political gimik

my cousin son..very strong boy ..heheh..
on the way back from dusun hv to passed by this Lalang..gatal
 Perahu Panjang riding...vroom..
Pondok Alam Sekitar Rumah Jarop Ng Katibas Song..

OINK! OINK! OINK! at the back of my house.

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