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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The first TV Ads in Iban from MAYBANK

     For Malaysia’s 50th anniversary celebration(3 years ago), Maybank came up with a unique commercial that tickled Malaysians.The scenes were shot in Bau and Kapit, using a Sarawak cast.

   In Fact,this is the first TV Commercial in Iban Language(Sarawak Native) & was directed by Late Yasmin Ahmad with help of Leo Burnett...i have watched it yesterday ..although it was on air almost 3 years ago..but it on air again in conjunction with 53rd Merdeka Day.

     Hence, 50 years ago, people outside Sarawak hardly knew such a language existed .I'm very proud of this advertisement - even the undeniably that is the "Weirdest" iban accent I have ever heard since the talent  is not an Iban .With the Theme " Close To You"..its gave an impact to the viewer.

The commercial starts off with a young lady in London speaking on the phone with her mother. This is followed by flashbacks to her childhood days, where we see the young girl’s teacher explaining that there are no tigers in Sarawak.

Her mother, however, says otherwise. She points out the tiger motifs that are all around them, such as on the mat, her dad’s tattoo and a locket given by her ancestors. The tiger is seen as a protector in Iban culture.
Image captures of the Maybank Close To You ad depicting the tiger
Returning to London, the narrative has the young lady telling her mum not to worry about her being abroad as there is a tiger there looking after her. He’s tall, handsome, strong and a Malaysian, she jokes, as the camera pulls away to reveal a Maybank branch with its tiger logo behind her.
The commercial is memorable not just because of its unexpected light-hearted ending, but because it revolves around the Iban community.

   It wasn't showed the reality of Iban Art since there are no "tiger motive" inside the "Bungai Terung Motive" in Iban art.And the young lady was right because there are no tiger at all in BORNEO,nor inside the Iban Tattoo motive,or on the mat either locket.The point is just to show the "Maybank Symbol"  the Tiger after all....

Bungai Terung motive in Iban Tatoo..the Genuine ONE & no "TIGER AT ALL"


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