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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rentap (Libau) Iban Warrior as The Worldshaker

Rentap (died 1863) is well known Iban Warrior & i used to heard about his name since i was young & during my schooling years we have "Rumah Sukan" for our Sport Team & I was joined "Rumah Rentap" starting from Form 1 until Form 5 & once become a Leader for "Rumah Rentap"/Rentap House Team.The other" Rumah Sukan " such as Sharif Masahor,Rosli Dobbi & Bantin.As a Rentap Member i still remember our team motto..AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN".. mean I will fight as long i will live!!.This legendary battlecry later become Malaysia's Royal Ranger Regiment motto.He is not only renowned in Sarawak, but he is also a national hero in both Sabah and the Peninsula as both a national hero and a freedom fighter.
Even though, the western writer called him as a"Pirate" but he is not a one rather he is truly "Worldshaker" Therefore ,i'm  proud to be an Iban .

THE RENTAP BOOK: written by James & Edmund

LIBAU RENTAP RIMBA :written by Harry
Kanang Anak Langkau(Iban Warrior ) giving his Salute to Rentap Picture at Tugu Pahlawan Kuching

Rentap Memorial at Bukit Sibau Wak Pakan
You are the truly "Worldshaker" "..AGI IDUP AGI NELABAN"

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