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Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Build a Good Personality....



 “Dos” and “Don'ts” in a relationship with others.
·        DO smile; it costs nothing and is always appreciated!
(sometimes hard to smile,even you have a brilliant smile ,esp when you are not in a good mood..)

·        DON'T ignore people, even when you do not want to talk; be friendly when someone says "Hello!" It is not about how you feel; it is about how you are supposed to be. 
( Sometimes........)

·        DO make people feel important. Make each person feel that he/she is special and he/she is the most important person around!
( mm....................depend on the people)

·        DON'T brag! No one likes a person who is full of self! Be an honest and humble person! It is far better that people find out about your achievements and abilities from sources other than you. 
(Opp.. )

·        DO have a sense of humor! Laugh and people will laugh with you; if all you do is cry, you will cry alone!
(Sense of humor..sometimes ..I'm too serious)

·        DON'T always have problems, troubles, or need help; you will soon find yourself alone! We all have problems and need help; be discerning about knowing when to ask for help and when you are being a pest. The decision is based on whether you are seeking attention or a relationship. 
Seeking attention

(So far I'm doing fine..)
·        DO encourage people! Tell others what you like about them, or something they are doing well. Encouragement is the fuel that moves the engine of the church. 

(Depend on the situations)

·        DON'T criticize or cut people down .( including yourself! )There is a difference between humbleness and a self-demeaning attitude. 

(wow..sometimes..if that persons make me feel annoying)

·        DO have an interest in many things. Be an interesting person, and people will be interested in you!

(Still learning to become one)

·        DON'T grab the best, biggest, and most for yourself; give others a break! (unless you are a five-year-old!) 

(I'm not that greedy..)

·        DO meet strangers, although it may be difficult. You could make a great, new friend by being friendly to someone you do not know! We have to be willing to take risks as well as be discerning. 

( uncomfortable with strangers sometimes..i hv no idea to start a conversation lol..)

·        DON'T make fun of others when they make a mistake or do something dumb! Be the first one to go to them with encouragement. 

(I'm always did it in the past...now..??)

·        DO help others when they have a problem and share what you have with others! We are to be the people who give attention, not try to take it all of the time. 
Help others

(Depend on which ,people always help the most needed...)

·        DON'T have a bad temper or be an angry person looking for an argument or a fight! Temperance is far better than temper! 

(Bad temper..???).I'm trying to be cool now...huhu...learnt from my lessons...I hate argument after all..)

·        DO look good, clean, neat, and well groomed! It was Benjamin Franklin who said, cleanliness is next to godliness. The theology is off, but the practice will be true. 

(Have to .........)

·        DON'T blame others for their mistakes, or worse, for yours! Be a person who takes responsibility, even if it is not your fault. 
Blame others

(In the ministry peoples always try to play..BLAME GAMES..they seems like it..oppp..)

·        DO keep a confidence. If someone tells you something, keep it to yourself; be trustworthy! You will never develop the essential quality of trust if you are a gossiper. There is only one thing that God hates more than gossip, and that is pride, so be on your guard against such actions. 

Secret keeper
(Do i..??)

·        DON'T be too cool! Cool people are never popular people; they are too cool!


·        DO listen and be an encourager! Listening is a sweet fruit that is needed by all. It says that you care, and that others are important. 


·        DON'T over-correct or micromanage people! Remember to first take the plank out of your own eye. 



·        DO take a joke and be a good sport! People who are teased a lot usually get that way because they have not learned how to take a joke and they over-react, spurring on the teasing. 

( I dont like stupid joke...& i'm not a joker..)

·        DO remember names! It shows others that they are important. The sweetest sound to someone is his or her own name. 

( Sometimes i always asking what is your name again for second time)

·        DON'T be loud and obnoxious! 

·        DO thank people! 
 (Thank you)

·        And always, always operate yourself in the parameters of the Fruit of the Spirit and Love (1 Corinthians 13; Colossians 1; 2 Peter 1:5-7)

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Veronica Sitem said...

hehehe good - like it. hahaha and you really compare yourself with each do and don't.

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