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Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally,a road to Song,Sarawak.

The original Song was located left of Sungei Song, opposite the current town on the other side of the Rejang River - as viewed going upstream.
After liberation by the Allied forces at the end of WWII, Song was re-built with 4 rows of shophouses at the junction of Katibas (R) and Rejang (R) - viewed going upstream. 1 row was burnt in 1980s & replaced.
This photo of Song was released by National Archives of UK. Probably this is the original Song circa 1930s
Submitted by: Daniel Yie

Song at Glance before 1963.

The town is located in Song River derived from a Malay traders port "Abang" (patrician of sarawak Malay ) is well-known figure Hj. Ahmed b. Hj. Omar and Melanau  where exchange their forest products such as nyatok, resin and rattan in  1820s in Song with local Iban People..Song is where the Iban indigenous people inhabiting the area along the Batang Rejang, Katibas River,  Song River,River Lajan River , & Iran River. The traders are bringing products to sell to Sibau (Sibu), of which there are consist of  ships, such as Ang Bee from Singapore and the Kampar from Peninsular Malaysia whose stop at at Sibau (Sibu) as a Port to bring the goods to Singapore and the Peninsular Malaysia at that time. Similarly, the trader will bring households essential items like salt,apong Sugar , salted fish and platter bowls, pottery, clothing , gongs , fabric and clothing to be used as an exchange with the local traders..
Song  Sarawak:Today near Rajang River.
Song as My Hometown 
In fact,Song is my hometown, I had spent my early life in Song for almost 17 years .After Form 5 , i had left this small town for more than decade. Further my study and working in Klang Valley .
home.link to my last post............
My Home at 4 km Jalan Takan ,Nanga Sepadi, Katibas Song ,Sarawak
Katibas River Song near Nanga Sepadi .
A 47-year-old dream.
After 47 years dream(1963-2010) to have a road. it will finally come true under the 10th Malaysian Plan

The road  project link is connecting from the existing road from Kanowit-Poi-Ngemah-Song-Kapit,The road once completed will link thousands of Iban longhouses with major towns of Sibu, Kapit, Kanowit and Song.
Newspaper Cutting:Road Kapit-Song-Kanowit.
The Borneo Post-RM700 Million to get Kanowit,Kapit linked.
Currently, the mighty Rajang River is the main form of travel and communication using Boat Express.This 10 years is wonderful experienced ride a Boat Express when "Balik kampung" time..by next year that experience would be no more if the Road is fully completed.

recent disaster on rajang river..link my lasy post..

Balik Kampung using Boat Express: 2 hours from Sibu(Me & my Brother)



clover said...

seriously a long wait~ a road to song. wonder if it will stretch til my father's longhouse. thanks for the highlight tho.

Anonymous said...


My team and I are going over to Song in the next couple of days. Any idea where I can find a map of the town? Also, is buying petrol expensive there? We may need to take the boat to go further down/up the Katibas, so we are wondering if it would be cheaper to buy petrol from Sibu first before getting to Song.
Hope you can help advise! Thanks in advance!

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