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Friday, January 14, 2011

Crocodile Attacks in Sarawak (Part 2).

 After my last post crocodile attack in sarawak.Part 1.(Click here).. this is my part 2 post!!about this man-eater!!!!!!After my visit to Miri Crocodile Farm last Dec 2010.

    Crocodylus porosus, the scientific name for Sarawakian salt water crocodiles,"appear uncommonly to feed on large vertebrates and almost certainly have no special taste for human flesh," according to Jack Cox and Francis Gombek in a joint report following the survey on crocodiles in Sarawak for the World Wildlife Fund Malaysia in 1985

After surveying 1043 km of rivers and spotting only 56 saltwater crocodiles Cox and Gombek in their report concluded,
"...crocodiles have a right at to at least some habitat. After all, they have been swimming around Sarawak swamps for 60 million years. What right can humans,who have coexisted with them for only the past few thousand years, profess to exterminate them? As an especially unique and endangered part of the State's natural heritage it would be a major loss if crocodiles were allowed to disappear from the wilds."
few most popular rivers where man-eater crocodile attacked happened!!

Location of Man-eater crocodile in Sarawak.
Newspapers cutting related with Man-Eater Crocodile Attacked in Sarawak.
Lagi mangsa baham buaya
Another life lost in Sungai Skrang
Buaya Seberat 250 kg disyaki membaham rudy tewas.
10 year old boy killed by crocodile.

"Jangan disangka air yang tenang tiada buaya!!"(MALAY PROVERB)-Don't expect there is a still water doesn't have any crocodile!!
"Crocodiles which have killed one human will continue to be a man eater and the only way to thwart this menace is to frighten all reptiles in the vicinity away from villagers which are inhabited by people by constant patrols for a period of time," said a crocodile biologist. But to guarantee that the crocodile will never return to the place of hunt is not absolute. 

CROCODILE MEAT FOR SALE!!!give me 2 kg Crocodile's tail meat(non fat) please!!
Crocodile Man-Eater turn to "Eat by Man Crocodile"

Pre-Caution!!from crocodile attacks of Sarawak in Iban Language.


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