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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Explore Sarawak in half a Day "in Sarawak Cultural Village.

With the tagline"The living museum".Where you could"Explore Sarawak In Half A Day..."here in Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV)

The various ethnics groups are thrown in their respective traditional habitat where skilled craftmen produce handicraft & experts perform traditional activities & games just as their forefathers did before them.

Go through the heady colours & sounds of the diverse cultures of Sarawak all at the one stop,set on a 17-acre site ,nestled on the foothill of the legendary Mount Santubong with South China Sea right infront.

nestled on the foothill of the legendary Mount Santubong

Tucked away on the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong, 35 km from Kuching is Sarawak's fascinating cultural showcase!!

17-acre site!!


Walk right in & let yourself go,and then walk away with a MOST PLEASANT & UNFORGETABLE EXPERIENCE

This living museum depicts the heritage of the major racial groups in Sarawak and conveniently portrays their respective lifestyle amidst 14 acres of tropical vegetation.

That is the origin of Gawai from a mystical point of view. But on a more down-to-earth way of seeing it, Gawai festival is the celebration of the end of harvesting season and the start of a new farming season

As another highlight of the night, an ethnic beauty pageant (Miss Fair & Lovely)will also be held as a sign of recognition to beautiful and intellectual women.This ethnic beauty pagent looking for a maiden who possess grace, pose and charm, articulate with a good knowledge of Sarawak's beautiful culture and heritage. She must be, in short, a woman of substance.

the Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interiors of the mythical island of Borneo.

Many Borneo natives live in longhouses, in effect, a row of dwellings and a village street under one roof!!

The Iban race, once known as “Sea Dayaks”, built their longhouses to last 15 to 20 years, or, until the farm land in the surrounding area was exhausted.

 A traditional longhouse is built of axe-hewn timber, tied with creeper fibre, roofed with leaf thatch.

open verandah face to face with a scene of community and domestic activity.

 Notched log that serves as a staircase.normally a log  from Belian(Borneo Ironwood)

Belian or its popular name, Borneo Ironwood, is the most famous and well-known durable hardwood timber tree of Borneo.To date, little genetic information is available on these valuable timber species, and  the belian populations in Sarawak is rapidly declining .source..

Joyous atmosphere of the Iban Longhouse - drums and gongs, Pua weaving, Kuih Jala, Tuak (rice wine), hanging skulls carrying tales of days gone by.

The Kayan, the Kenyah, the Kelabit, the Lun Bawang and the other minor tribes...these are the Orang Ulu, gentle and graceful people - as reflected in their songs, music and dances.

Sit on the verandah of the Orang Ulu Longhouse nest with the friendly craft-ladies as they do their intricate beadwork whilst in the background, floats the melodiously haunting tune of the sape, their stringed musical instrument
Other sights of interest are the art of body tattooing, Parang Ilang, their fighting sword, Klirieng, their burial pole (totem pole).


Bamboo carvings, plumbing, musical instruments, bridges, flooring, walls...welcome to the Bidayuh Longhouse!
the Barok - the round head-house.
Baruk can be made into a model for a modern cool community hall. The Baruk structure capitalised on air convection as the principle for keeping the building cool. The other aspect is that it provide an atmosphere of equality in term of status when come to the seating arrangment. In the old days, this is where the Bidayuh keep their enemies skulls.


As a means of protecting themselves, the Melanaus built massive houses forty feet above the ground.

Be entertained by tall tales of spirits and demons at the Melanau Tall House.

The shy nomadic people of the jungle, the Penans, live in the dense virgin jungles of Central Borneo, among some of the State's most valuable timber resources.
Penan shelters are quickly constructed to last for a few weeks or months.
Watch blowpipe making or try blowpipe shooting with the Penans, the last of the hunters and gatherers - the forest nomads.

The first Chinese settlers to Sarawak, the Hakka clan, brought with them Cha Kiak, the traditional Chinese wooden clogs as on display at the Chinese farm house.

Chinese farmers in Sarawak are likely to be of Hakka or Foochow descent. These hardy and frugal people migrated to Sarawak in the early 1900s

One of the focal points of the main room is the household shrine. A print or statuette of the god revered by the family is displayed here, surrounded by joss sticks, candles, little cups of tea and other seasonal offerings. The doorpost is also divinely protected by the application of strips of red paper, inscribed with protection verses.


The house of an urban Malay family is a gracious structure, well adapted to the tropical climate. Like all local houses, it is built of wood.
Explore Sarawak In Half A Day..

Jan 8,2011(Sat)..was my 1st time visit to this" must visit" place while you are in Kuching.Even though,we are Sarawakian &" Kuchingian " few of them .In fact,we are never been to this tourist attractions before in our entire life..& the beginning of year 2011 gave us a chance to explore Sarawak from "SCV" point of view even myself & other friends are Borneo Natives origin.We have our personal experiences & learning method to explore our own Cultural & Heritages.With the ticket fare RM 25.00(for Sarawakian only & you have to show your I.C for that fare!!) .

Visiting SCV with Mr JJ,SJ& DN aka Anumis(bukan nama sebenar!!)

 Below: Kuching Bird eye's view
captured the next day after visiting SCV (KCH-KL).


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