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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tucktoo Lizard (Tokek) can cure HIV / AIDS ?

 JOHOR BARU: A 40-year-old man’s attempt to smuggle five Tucktoo lizards (tokek) worth an estimated RM85,000 was thwarted by authorities here.
 The man, an Indonesian national, was detained at the Customs and Immigration checkpoint here at the Stulang Laut Ferry terminal at about 6.30pm on Sunday.
  Further investigations revealed that the lizards were meant for sale here. A single lizard could be sold for as much as RM35,000 due to its supposedly medicinal properties.(thestar.com.my/news/story)

Tokek(Tucltoo) for health benefits ??

Gecko, which in English is known as Tokay Gecko or Tucktoo, a species of lizard, but a larger body that feed on various insects and mice, it has the effectiveness and benefits to human health that community is supposed to cure diseases of the skin itch. Apart from meat, blood and bile geckos are also suspected of being a drug. Not only that, but it also serves as geckos can cure AIDS, which is located on the tongue.

Gecko has a very useful antibodies in humans to neutralize toxins in the body we know as an allergy to a classification of all types of skin allergies or respiratory allergies such as asthma, itching, scabies, eczema and others. And the more the benefits of gecko found in the basis of its ability to regenerate cells of the tail, believed to be beneficial to restore power and replace damaged cells after a particularly ill or who can immediately restore the vitality of the function of man after the move.

The use of the most popular geckos to treat asthma and is considered to cure the disease effectively. In addition to asthma, geckos believed to cure impotence, improve male sexual function and endurance increases. Not only that, sometimes mixed with geckos also other medications to treat coughs and colds. The recommended dose is three to nine grams per day, usually taken in powder or pill form, can also be boiled in water

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