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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Interhill-Petipun Scholarship/Grant Scheme 2011 for Penan Students.

 The Interhill-Petipun Scholarship/Grant Scheme 2011 for Penan students is now open for application.

Interhill in providing continuing support to the development of Penan communities, was initiated by the Company jointly with PETIPUN, with a vision to safeguard the future of the Penan communities through continuing education and learning. In line with this, the scheme is open not only to those seeking assistance to enter higher institutes of learning, but also to those interested in part time or vocational courses. 
With the support of Datuk Hasan Sui, President of PETIPUN, it is hoped that the scheme will be valuable in aiding members of Penan communities who are in need, to successfully pursue their dreams and ambitions.
Now in its third year, the scheme is part of timber company Interhill’s education initiative to provide aid and assistance to Penans who want to further their education.

It is open to those entering institutions of higher learning as well as those taking up part-time or vocational courses.

Interhill works hand-in-hand with the Sarawak Tipun Penan Development Association (Petipun) not only to realise the dreams of young Penans but also to provide continuous support for the development of Penan communities and safeguard their future through education and learning.

The scheme has received an encouraging response from the Penan community since it was introduced.

So far financial grants have been awarded to 16 Penan students who are now studying in Segi College, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (Unitar), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Yayasan Sabah.

Last year, two students were awarded special scholarships to cover their university course fees.

In 2009, a special full scholarship was awarded to Damaris Panai, a Penan girl from Ulu Baram who achieved excellent results in the SPM examination, to enable her to pursue a Diploma in Accounting at Segi College.

The application forms for 2011 can be obtained from Interhill’s Miri office or downloaded from www.interhill-education-initiative.com

The deadline is Sept 1. Only successful candidates will be notified.


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