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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crocodile attacked in Sarawak again??

A man from Kampung Empelam in Kabong, Saratok, some 350km from Kuching, got the shock of his life when a crocodile measuring 2.5m emerged near his boat with the body of his friend in its mouth.
The man, who was in a search and rescue operation to find missing villager Mankay Goheh, had earlier jokingly said that, if a crocodile had taken Mankay, it should show itself.
All of a sudden, the crocodile appeared with Mankay, 42, in its mouth. The men on board managed to retrieve Mankay’s body after the reptile released its grip and disappeared into the murky waters.
It was learnt that Mankay had gone to fish for prawns in the river at around 2.30am on Sunday.
According to a police spokesman, Mankay was washing his hands in the river from a boat when the crocodile got hold of him and pulled him overboard.
Mankay’s friend Ahim Wok, 39, who was also on board, tried to hold on to him but lost his grip.
Ahim immediately went to shore and notified the rest of the villagers after which a search and rescue operation was carried out.
“Apart from a broken right arm, his head showed signs of severe bleeding as well as several bite marks on his body,” said the spokesman.
“The crocodile did not manage to eat its victim. It could be on the hunt again because of hunger,” he said.
Mankay’s body, which was intact and fully clothed, was retrieved around 8am yesterday from Sungai Nyiar Roban and was brought to the Saratok Hospital for post mortem.

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