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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An elongated ears of Kayan Maiden-My mother's Day Story.

My mother before
she possess an
elongated ears.
(in 1960s)
in Long Bemang
When my mother was young.she possessed a  beautiful "an elongated ears" to proud for.since she is a Kayan(link) girl.she must possessed the long ears in order to be the fairest maiden amongst the Kayan girl  Community.In ancients times, "an elongated ears"   was a benchmark to measured the beauties of Kayan Maiden.no matters how beautiful you are naturally.but without that trend .You just like a queen without a "crown".Therefore,my mother  was a beautiful just the way she is with her "an elongated ears".Since it's a must have accessories to complete the beautiful Kayan ladies.

After the Harvest seasons was over.The harvest festival is approaching..during this Harvest Seasons the villagers always organised the harvest festival and ethnic beauty pageant .The quest for new "Keligit"(the most beautiful Kayan Maiden) is begins as
a major event.All the wannabe Keligit were participated so does my mother.

As a Keligit to be.. she did whatever it takes to become the most beautiful kayan maiden in the pageant .The major requirement is must possessed an "elongated ears lobe" .Eventually,during the coronation night she was announced as a newly crowned "Keligit" for that festival.Unfortunately,the joy of celebration  seems a temporary.When after that contest  one of defeated Keligit had pulled her lovely "elongated ears lobe" and it was torn apart!!.After that incidents,her ears were recovered back to normal  and no longer " elongated ears lobe"  for her since then.

In fact,this story was narrated by my mother when i was a young as a "Story for Bedtime".That was her very own story no fairy tale elements.Since the Mother's Day just around the Corner.This story always clung in my mind & it reminds me who my mother was..& she made me proud and make me knew where I'm belong.we live today because of our  past generations that passed the baton to us to regeneration.We have to become a mother or father to someone sooner or later ..let we appreciate who they are in our life.no matters bad or good our experiences with them..Happy Mother's Day to my "Indai"or "Inai"...

" Elongated ears lobe"  trend is no longer applicable in modern day .In fact,nowadays the young generations no longer apply this trend as a way of life(my mother was a last generations to apply it).may be it irrelevant & outdated fashion for the new century.Who knows it would rebirth as a contemporary fashion one day.Just like Bornean traditional tattooing(link)..

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