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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finalist Dewi Remaja Felixia Yeap is the first and only Playboy Bunny ever from Malaysia !!

Felixia Yeap the first Malaysian Playboy Bunny will not strip for photography.
In conjunction with the opening of Playuncle Club at Sands Macao, Felixia has been chosen to be one of the five Playboy Macao's Promo Bunnies, representing both Malaysian and the Asian counterparts. Felixia is also currently the first and only Playboy Bunny ever from Malaysia
Although she had only signed a one-month contract with the Macau Playboy Club(www.playboymacao.com), Yeap still has to undergo a series of training before she is qualified for the job.
“The most difficult is the serving posture.
We are not allowed to bend our upper body forward, so we have to bend our knees, squat down slowly while holding the plate to serve the customers.”
Born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Ipoh, Yeap said her mother was quite supportive of her job.
She appeared on the television reality show I Wanna Be A Model (Season 3) as a finalist and listed in the Hall of Fame for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2007 at the age of 19 . She was also a first runner up for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2008.She was also the 1st runner-up for Miss Chinese World Malaysia 2006 and a finalist for Dewi Remaja Malaysia.
“My father did not say anything, so I don't know if he agrees or not. My mother supports me all the way.”

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