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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Journey to Orang Asli Village at Kg Sg Relong Batu Kusir,Cameron Highlands

it was a Saturday afternoon (Apr 30) when we group of 9(from Lighthouse Sentul)  made a trip to  Orang Asli Village at Kg Sg Relong Batu Kusir,Cameron Highlands..with Heartbeat of our mission is missions

After bought our necessity in the morning..we started our journey in afternoon.around 2pm( with 2 vehicles/one sedan & one is 4X4)..since tomorrow is Labour Day(May 1)..the trip for the that day is abnormal since all the folks heading to "Kampung" & Jln Duta toll seems packed & congesting with the vehicles that made their "balik kampung' trip..so do us..made our "vacation " trip to Orang Asli village..the 5 hours journey is seems rough & adventurous since the day is raining & the road is wet.In between ,we having an obstacles & challenged...when we were witnessing the bus accident on the way & few minutes after one of our vehicle has banged a Foreign Car from the back(Tapah Road)..therefore we have to stop our vehicle to settle all the things & continue or journey...

1) Journey from KL to SK Menson ,Cameron Highlands.(using Tapah Road)



Malang tidak berbau!

2) Journey from SK Menson to Kg Sungai Relong Batu Kusir,Cameron Highlands

The rough journey is start from here when i have to park my sedan car & we have to ride only one of our 4 Wheel Drive..so a few of us have to seat at the back of 4X4...& our "RED DIRT ROAD" is begins......

Before start our Jorney to Kg Sg Relong..(at SK Menson)(Org Asli school)
near main road


On 8.00pm ..eventually after went through the "Red Dirt Road" adventure...we reached safely at Kg Sg Relong,Batu Kusir...& ...get a nice shelter at Orang Asli hut..In fact,it was very cool & chill nite!!!!!!

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