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Monday, May 30, 2011

The "Peacock Dance" in Yunnan China.

Once upon a time in China(Aug-Sept 2008)..After BEIJING 2008  OLYMPIC GAMES i have made a trip to Kunming ,China &..being witnessed the Peacock Dance of Dai Minority (listed to be the first China National Grade Cultural Heritage.)

About Peacock Dance.
The Peacock Dance is the most famous dance in Dai Minority area – Yunnan province, China. It has a legend about the origin of the peacock dance. One day a thousand years ago, the father figure of Dai Minority saw a beautiful peacock dancing gracefully, and he could not help imitating it. From generation to generation, thousands of folk dancers made the “Peacock Dance” perfect continuously.

The “Peacock Dance” is the crystal of Dai people’s wisdom. It has high value of appreciating. In May 20, 2006, the Peacock Dance of Dai Minority was listed to be the first National Grade Cultural Heritage.

Peacock Dance

Moon - Solo Dance by Yang Liping(link)

Dynamic Yunnan -(YunNan Folk Dance)

" Give me a Big Hug actions" at  Shilin(Stone Forest)
"PEACE Kunming........


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