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Thursday, June 9, 2011

i'm coming "home"(Kuching) tonite.

'm coming home..tell the world i'm comin' home..tonite!!!yeah..i had packed my stuff to come back to Kuching tonite(my last trip in Kuching was last Jan 8,2011(link).Just printed my "online Boarding Pass".since i had performed "AIR ASIA web check in".thanks for the technology that help me performed "check in" smoothly.i hope this time i wouldn't miss my flight  just like last January 2011 in Miri(Miri-Kch)(i was end up flew with  MASWings(link)(Miri-Mulu -Kuching) after AIRASIA closed their counter  ) since that time i didn't aware about "web-check in" that would help me if i'm reach airport late after my aunt dragged me with her "long conversation" since her house is next to Miri Airport.Huhu...

Anyway,4 days in Kuching ..mmm...so far  i have no plan where i should go..since i will visit my Sister & Family.Anyone can bring me "Jalan-Jalan cari makan"while i'm in Kuching?? put your hand up!!!

Bonus:i'm coming Home

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