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Monday, July 4, 2011

Venture into something new in my life.

Welcome to the new month of July 2011.it seems year 2011 passed us by too fast & we are here at the middle of year 2011.So, how about our New year 2011 Resolutions??do we have accomplished part of  them or a lots of time required to achieve our dreams..time seems never enough ...i think in the middle of the year is the most busiest period for every creatures in this entire earth..Do I'm rite??.

Since an early of the year we are still in the blues  & end of year when is the perfect time to "break away"  and all the major events in our life have been completed whether its succeed or fail

.In between, a little update from me for this month..I'm consider this month my schedule quit "Hectic" for me personally.

Since, started from last month..i was so busy with my own personal agenda.Participating myself with ""Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011"" this coming 21-24 July 2011& attended 2 casting sessions with (DZMS Modelling Agency & New Look Casting) so far & learning Ngajat Dance since tomorrow postponed anyway (this wednesday(7.00am to 9.30 am)i will participate with Warisan Sarawak to promote the event(BHF) live on TV station at RTM1(early morning show.Selamat Pagi 1Malaysia Live Show) therefore we are required to wear "Full Costume"  & prepare our Ngajat Dance and Photo shoot with "Iban Traditional Costume" for Studio at Damansara Perdana &  now i'm looking  for my female model partner for this job(those possess an Iban Woman Costume).
& last but not least, I'm glad i have venture into something new in my life after turning 30-rocks last March.. no matter what people said...just be yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photo shoot at Bukit Gemilang for Iban Traditional Costume

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