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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dayak Borneo Tribal Beads were originated from Europe & Japan.

Beads were traded during the colonial period from Venice by the Portuguese and the Dutch and are associated by the Dayak with agricultural fertility and femininity.

Newer beads, glass as well as plastic, come from Europe and Japan. 

Large, old beads are prized as heirlooms and may be used along with teeth, shells, coins and bells to add protective magic to the small seed bead designs on the carriers.

Origins of the Borneo Tribal beads
With the exception of beads made from bones, teeth and pebbles found in archaeological sites, most Borneo beads – whether Kelabit, Kayan, Kenyah or Bidayuh – are imports.
Since 500 AD, beads have reached Borneo through trade. By the 12th century, Chinese beads arrived in South-East Asia and, by the 19th century, Dutch and English explorers brought Venetian and Bohemian beads. 
“An ancient Kelabit headhunting song says thatstrangers came to buy pork and sell beads,” says Heidi, who has been studying Sarawak’s material culture for more than 30 years now.(Heidi Munan, Sarawak Museum’s curator of beads pointed out in her Beads of Borneo book. )
Read The Star:A tale of Beads ,  A thing of Beauty & Beads are cool!!

Iban wedding outfit including 5 pieces - blouse, skirt, belt, veil, and headdress. Kapit District. Glass and carnelian beads, cast bronze bells. Weight more than 40 punds. Mid 20th century, restrung.


Bidayuh priestess "tall hat.".
  The ribs are rattan splits. 
bead jacket is from the Kayan tribe of Sarawak.
The "cloth" is beaten bark.

Maloh Ceremonial Beaded Skirt:
this Maloh bidang is a ceremonial skirt. Old glass beads, blass bells, cotton. Motifs of spirit figures and aso/dragons. 
Kenyah sun hat
used by woman on ceremonial occasions.  Glass beads, bamboo, thatch, felt applique.
Kayan /Kenyah Baby Carrier:
The aso dragon figures form a mask face

Magical Ancient BEADS..


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