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Thursday, December 1, 2011

RURAN ULUNG is a Legendary Lun Bawang maiden.

RURAN ULUNG is a Legendary Lun Bawang maiden.

According to the Lun Bawang legend, the most gorgeous maiden to walk on this earth was Ruran Ulung.

 She wasn't just a pretty face. She was also very intelligent.

 Lun Bawang(Link)people celebrates IRAU ACO LUN BAWANG(click)(Lun Bawang festival) annually on the first of June in Lawas, Sarawak

This festival is traditionally a celebration of the rice harvest, but now it showcases a variety of Lun Bawang culture and events such as Ruran Ulung (beauty pageant contest) and ngiup suling (bamboo musical instrument band).

Participants for the Ruran Ulung Contest paraded themselves in traditional Lun Bawang costumes and accessories during Irau Aro Lun Bawang in Lawas annually.

Miss Ruran Ulung 2011&2010

Miss Ruran Ulung 2007,2008 &2009

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