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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dragon and tiger motifs - BORNEO ARTS??

Hindu influences came to Borneo-about 2,000 years ago-and reached the island after passing through Java. Dragon and tiger motifs (there are no tiger in Borneo) remain as the most important contribution of Hindu art.

 The brass earring / ear weights and eardrops worn by the men and women around their stretched earlobes. In Orang Ulu / Dayak traditionally, Elongated ears – is a sign of great beauty and status amongst their tribes, this have been stretched with brass earring / ear weights pendants since they was small / young age. These pair ( 2 piece ) of Ibanic / Dayak / Orang Ulu Earrings / Ear Weights is from Kalimantan, Borneo Island. It is made of brass mixtures. It is showing with extremely fine and awesome Dayak most famous and traditional Dayak " gasing " or aso dragon dog motifs / pattern.

Kenyah elder women – showing with HUGE Kenyah most higher ranking Ritual charm human figure motif, twin hornbill motif at top right, left side of this bead work. The beauty of this King size bead work is the twin TIGER motif at top both side. More over, at the back of the tiger motif is showing with traditional ASO dragon dog motif.
Tiger ASO Beadwork Panel Kenyah Dayak Borneo :
It is showing with a huge Kenyah higher status/ ranking motif – Tiger motif, hornbill motif, aso dragon motif and surrounding with Kenyah traditional designed pattern.


The Dragon remains an essential art form, even in the Islamized Malay cultures of Borneo. Because of the many internal migrations of Dayaks in Borneo and the groups' cultural flexibility, it is difficult to attach a particular set of motifs and styles to a particular Dayak group with any degree of confidence.

KELAMBI- BURI(MEMALOH)(link my last post)..(BAJU BURIE).......A graphically abstract vest from the Dayak of Borneo.
Nassa shells are sewn on black cotton in the form of an aso, the mythical dragon beast of Borneo.

 Iban rattan floor mat -the longhouses along Upper Rajah River, Kapit areas, Sarawak Borneo
 This  rattan floor mat is showing with extremely finest plaited with giant Iban traditional Dancing figure motif, Iban traditional dragon, snake motif and Iban motif. 
Dayak warshields were often decorated with large; hypnotic eyes and mouths studded with fangs. 

 (Many motifs, especially the human figure(pangkam), were reserved for aristocrats).

In Dayak art, frightening animals generally function to scare away both evils spirits and human enemies. These same designs appear on masks(HUDOQ) and graves.

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