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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Orang Ulu's Funky Bead Ornament-"KABO" (Seed Bead Bobble Necklace.)

"KABO"Red seed bead bobble
(Orang Ulu Necklace)

If you think wearing traditional beads is old-fashioned . You are ..........???!!.........This is my funky bead ornament ( Kabo-in Kelabit )(Uleng Inuk-in Kenyah Belaga)........Men kabo - red seed bead bobble. (Black seed bead booble also available).this is not the original "Kabo/Uleng Inuk" since its  "simplified "  & turned to "MINI KABO" if compared to the Original Kabo which is more bigger than mine...& it was gift from my friend.......
Teba'eng (rantai leher Orang Ulu)
My funky bead ornaments .Simplified Kabo  (Red seed bead bobble) necklace..

This picture from the 1950s shows a Kelabit man and his son with full-blown bead accessories(also SEED BEAD BOOBLE). – Sarawak Museum
Wearing red seed bead bobble(Kabo) Live in TV Show??
i'm glad that i have an opportunity to promote this 'Kabo" at Malaysia 's National TV Show last week at TV1 & TV2..& the host with her  pique curiosity was asking me during LIVE on TV2 (Hello-On-Two) ...& i told her that this is "ORANG ULU NECKLACE"..since this Necklace is belong to Kelabit/Kayan/Kenyah/Lun Bawang/Berawan & etc..

1)Wearing seed bead bobble necklace During Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo@Selamat Pagi Malaysia(TV1)(3 jan 2012)

Teba'eng (rantai leher Orang Ulu)

2)  Wearing seed bead bobble necklace Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo@TV2(Hello-On -Two)(5 Jan 2012
Orang ulu dancer wearing seed bead bobble necklace.

The HELLO-ON-TWO hosts,The Dancers & Warisan Sarawak team after LIVE SHOW.

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