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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ngajat-(Sea Dayak/Dyak) Iban Dance Showcase at Bankers Club KL(10/02/12)

After a week of practise..eventually the showtime is on FRIDAY NITE FEVER!!! (10th February 2012) at Bankers Club Kuala Lumpur which situated at 22nd Floor AMODA Building ,Jalan Imbi K.Lumpur....the occasion is during Senator Doris Sophia Brodie's(LINK) 's Son wedding ceremony in KL.

Even though,my dance team from IPG Cheras known as Teratak Seni Kerawang  Dance group. ready to showcase the Iban Dance ..the Ngajat Induk(Female Iban Traditional Dance) & Male Warrior Dance but...the actual showtime is 11.00 pm..after 3 hours waiting with the Heavy Iban costumes especially for the ladies..but its worth waiting  when the crowd were enjoyed.........
Showtime for Ngajat Induk(Female Ngajat Dance) at Bankers Club KL
Ngajat Induk showcase ..
The dance is arranged straight lines and in a circle and does involve dramatic leaps and jumps performed by the male dancers.
Male Dancers ready for the Male Ngajat Dance showcase....
(3rd from front-Robson(1st Runner up Keling Gawai@Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2011
by Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL & Selangor.
NGAJAT INDUK:Female dancers display the gentleness and refinement of  Iban arts. 

BACKSTAGE:-The Final practise of Ngajat Induk (Iban Maiden Dance)
The Ngajat Indu(Female Dance) is  performing a by the women who display gentleness and refinement of art and culture and customs of the iban people themselves. Dance moves to the present with the spirit and reflect the daily activities of the Iban community.

BACKSTAGE:-The Final practise of Ngajat Warrior Dance..
The dancer make slow movements, as though stalking the enemy. This is interspersed with dramatic prances as though he is leaping forward to attack. The dance is performed accompanied by the music from tribal musical instruments, usually percussions, including the enkeromong, bendai, canang and dumbak or ketebong.
The Iban female dancers have an elaborate headdress, chains, beads and a ‘dress’ that reaches to below their knees with intricate weaving.

Iban men and women have different styles of ngajat. The ngajat involves a lot of precise body-turning movements. The ngajat for men is more aggressive and depicts a man going to war, or a bird flying (as a respect to the Iban god of war, Singalang Burong). The women’s form of ngajat consists of soft, graceful movements with very precise body turns. Each ngajat is accompanied by the taboh .

TOP:during the Ngajat Iban Dance practise at IPG Cheras (28th January 2012)(Sat)
BELOW: Final rehearsal at the venue(BANKERS CLUB KL) 9th February 2012(Thu)

Sea Dayak of Borneo.Traditional Iban Costumes 
the female Iban Dancers.
The Iban maiden wears the ceremonial dress consisting of the bidang cloth, marek empang which is a chest adornment, the sugu tinggi headdress and other silver ornaments such as the coil belt and bangles

The Iban male dancers wear large feathers as part of their headgear, hold an ornate and long shield in their hand with chains, beads and a loincloth called the ‘SIRAT"
The Dancers with the manager(me) & the choreographer(Chris)
Taking photo with the dancers.....say cheese!!! Iban Traditional Costume..
The curiosity??give me that coin please?? i wanna buy some candy...??

Amanda entertaining the young fan-Finalist Kumang Gawai @Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2011

When performing the dance, the male dancers wear a headgear made from the tail feathers of the hornbill or great argus' feather. He holds a long sword in one hand and an ornately decorated shield in the other. Around his chest are necklaces made of beads and cowrie shells, and he wore a ceremonial sirat, or loincloth.
The night was a great when the crowd were enjoying themselves with the Ngajat Dance Showcase from Teratak Seni Kerawang which choreographed by Mr Chris J G & Robson J.
under Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL & Selangor Management(e-mail:paren.warisansarawakkl@gmail.com)

In fact,the party was continued until 1.00am & the dance team had packed all their  traditional Dayak costumes & after all we are glad that even  a miles away from Borneo Island especially Sarawak Land of HORNBILL..We are still in touch with Sarawak Culture ..and showing to the world that Dayak Culture  surviving  in the foreign land......

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