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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GAWAI Dayak Festival is Dayak Identity.....so proud to be DAYAK

Happy Gawai to all Alumni Kumang Keling (Gawai) finalists
@Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012..
Gawai” means a ritual or festival while “Dayak”Dayak people(real Borneo itself)(CLICK here) is a collective name for the native races in Sarawak & Kalimantan namely the 
The main ethnic groups of Dayaks are the Bakumpai and Dayak Bukit of South Kalimantan, The Ngajus, Baritos, Benuaqs of East Kalimantan, the Kayan and Kenyah groups and their subtribes in Central Borneo and the Ibans, Embaloh (Maloh), Kayan, Kenyah,Penan, Kelabit, Lun Bawang and Taman populations in the Kapuas and Sarawak regions. Other populations include the Ahe, Jagoi, Selakau, Bidayuh, and Kutai.(405 sub-ethnics of Dayak in Borneo). A combination of the word “Gawai Dayak” means Dayak Festival.Dayak groups have similar cultural traits in particular ways. These characteristics become the deciding factor if a sub-tribe in Borneo which can be incorporated into the group of Dayak.

Most of people misunderstood Gawai Dayak as a day to get drunk...Gawai Dayak is the integral part of the Dayak Social Life....In Olden days,Gawai festival celebrated as a Dayak thanks their Pagan God for a good harvest...as we live in the new era & embraced a new belief...the Gawai Today is like a New Year Celebration & family reunion like any celebration....since we are new generations of Dayak scattering all over the world.......the spirit of getting together is appreciate & give thanks for our achievement is always there.....After all GAWAI is Dayak Identity.....so proud to be DAYAK.....Happy gawai peeps.........
Selamat Ari Gawai Dayak 2012..Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai.....

Selamat Ari Gawai DAYAK Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai..

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