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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hari Gawai (22/05/2012)@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

After my last appearance @ Hello on Two(5th Jan 2012)  ..the 22th May 2012(Tue)..the 2nd Promo for KUMANG KELIGIT Finalist@Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 & HARI GAWAI Topic..by Mr Denys  & Mr Salim....

HARI GAWAI Panels(Denys & Salim) taliking about GAWAI DAY & Kumang Keling Dayak legend..
1) Back-Stage Activities @Hari Gawai (Slot)-22th May 2012@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

Preparation before ON AIR by
KUMANG /KELING FINALIST@Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012


Wearing  TREE BARK  SKIN JACKET(Lun Dayeh/Lun Bawang)....LINK..here

The Panel & Finalist Kumang/Keligit@Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012..at Backstage..

)ON AIR @Hari Gawai (Slot)-22th May 2012@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

Ready for Interview........ON AIR @Hari Gawai (Slot)-22th May 2012@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

Finalist Kumang Keligit@Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 ..performing NGAJAT
Dance accompanying SAPE MUSIC..LIVE on TV2..

)TV Screen Shot @Hari Gawai (Slot)-22th May 2012@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

Introduction Kumang Keligit on TV by me......

Ella,Suzur & Gloria(The Finalist Kumang Keligit@Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012..

4)Group Photo(Warisan Sarawak Team with the HOST@Hari Gawai (Slot)-22th May 2012@Hello-On-Two (RTM2)

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