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Monday, July 30, 2012

Documentary Film of Central Kalimantan of BORNEO.

In Borneo island of Indonesia, central Kalimantan Province was borne on 1957. The only old movie, has been found about the province in the early time. This was converted from a very old film tape. Nowadays, wel call the province's name is Central Kalimantan. It's capital name is Palangka Raya or Palangkaraya.

Here is the narration of the video.

Ship only means of quick transportation between the regions of South Kalimantan (next to the Java Sea) and Central Kalimantan (about in the centre of Borneo island).

In travel, we often see people carrying wood raft trees in arround hundred cubic meters results of forest wealth. Entering to the remote area, also appear to turn sand beach skirting the river, where the villagers is panning or searching for gold (nowadays, they use machines).

Statues and houses in the village of dead bodies still show the religious beliefs of the ancestors called defection "Kaharingan" in addition to Christianity and Islam. Watchover in the faithful dog, so the family is always with the harmonious and peaceful out of the house looking for day-to-day living. Rattan one of the forest wealth in Central Kalimantan. In addition as the main source for people, it is also the export. Created from, are variety of rattan handicrafts. Out of the five regional districts in Central Kalimantan, at the Kapuas is the center. Females here are clever rattan weave, make hats, handbags, parking places, mats and other plaited fine beautiful colorful. The result you can watch alone, may choose as you like.

Now we introduce the art of dancing called "Kenyah". Than in a few seconds we saw this young man shows his agility in dancing with the saber and shield. Kenyah dance depicts the courage and honesty of a hero, the nature of the native island of Kalimantan in general in addition to feeling beautiful.
As soon as this pole dancers, we take you immediately to Sampit forest areas, where trees of large wood.

We get you to identify the population of Central Kalimantan with a religious ceremony called the party Tiwah, ceremonies bring a spirit-soul to surgaloka (heaven). Ngaju Dayak tribe, and every believer Kaharingan the ceremony is conducted in many-level. At first the bones dug out of the land, once cleared, it saved into a box within seven-days seven-nights. The litter box carried to downstream river by using the boat, than burned as an omen cleared out dirt attached to the worldly spirit. Bones-in rib ago put in a small gongs.

As a preparation to put the bones in its last of the soul resting place callled Sandung. This event was ccompanied by all members Tiwah make this event as a sign of delight and gratitude to God. Tiwah party led by a Telon, a shaman and Basir as Ketambung swiper which also act as the mouthpiece of the soul with God. Sandung the door open with a ceremony that was quite impressive. In Sandung family of Tucus Jagan that had a quiet modern shaped was saved spirit as much as 27, each family had its own Sandung.

Sandung of the Hantingan family that was still in native shaped, held a similar ceremony. This year, Kampung Mantangai held a mutual ceremony for not less than 355 spirits. Because the cost of such large, Tiwah party can only be done once in a few years. Bones storage there followed the game with on the water called Laluhan. After returning to the land did "palas" to avoid danger. On the last day was done "Narahing" ceremony to bring spirit to the sky as the seven levels of the past. Spirit of this pig would had accompanied the soul to the last resting place. All night the dance party members, while the dance events called Manasai and "Deder" sign thanks to the Lord. Finally, there was the end of the believer Kaharingan fulfill its obligations glamourize spirit of their families.


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