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Monday, December 3, 2012

Borneo Culture Tour (Tokyo) 2012(7-12 June 2012) by Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL

This  is my Journey  with Sarawak Heritage (PWSKL) during  Inaugural Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012(7-12 June 2012) with the winner for  the Dance Competition @Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2011... Sanggar Budaya Miri (LINK)

"Borneo Culture Tour by Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL & Selangor (LINK)is a continuation of the recently concluded Borneo Hornbill Festival during the previous year. The first Borneo Culture Tour 2012 is the progression from Hornbill Festival 2011 in which winners of the Keling and Kumang pageant and also the Ethnic Dance Competition Finals will be ushered to their winning destinations.

Apart from a sightseeing tour, the participants would also be performing cultural dances at selected locations. This is made possible through negotiations and mutual agreements with the respective countries' government agencies and corporate organizations.

Persatuan Warisan Sarawak regards the winners as deserving ambassadors of Sarawak, fit and equipped to promote the enduring legacy of colorful cultures, unique traditions and signature Sarawak unity."

I have no word to describe  this  journey but->picture tells thousand words"..

Day 1: 7th June 2012(Thursday)
Day 1: Depart from KLIA-->HANEDA 
Culture & Adventure begins
Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012 
Day 2: 8th June 2012(Friday)
Day 2:Tokyo Disneyland
@Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012 
Day 2:Food Crawl (Night)
@Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012 
Day 3 & 4: 8th -9th June 2012( Saturday & Sunday)
Agenda: Dance Performance by SANGGAR BUDAYA MIRI with MEKAR BUDAYA (Tourism Malaysia) at VIVIT PLAZA for the whole weekend..
Backstage (Vivit Plaza)
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo

After the backstage preparation..let the show begins.......
Opening Dance
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012 Tokyo
Ngajat (Iban Dance)(LINK HERE)
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
Datun Julut(Kayan-Kenyah Dance)
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo.

Rajang Be'uh(Bidayuh Dance)
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
Melanau Menyak Dance
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo.

Malay Dance @Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 12
Malaysia Truly Asia
@Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012.
Mekar Budaya -representing TOURISM MALAYSIA in JAPAN.
Mekar Budaya -representing TOURISM MALAYSIA
With AIZDEAN -the AMBASSADOR for Japanese Malaysia Association (JMA) and TOURISM MALAYSIA in JAPAN..

DAY 3: AIZDEAN@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
(link here-->Meeting AIZDEAN..1st Malaysian 
become JPOP Singer in Japan.

The Team(Sanggar Budata Miri-representing Warisan Sarawak KL & Mekar Budaya -representing TOURISM MALAYSIA
Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012 

Group Photo at VIVIT PLAZA & Tokyo Disneyland
after 2 days showcase
Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012 
Special Thanks to Mr Arai from MEKAR BUDAYA..he is talented SAPE Player..He helped us a lot from Day 1 until our last showcase at VIVIT Plaza..
After the showtime ..the entire Group heading to TOKYO DISNEYLAND again...for the leisure time  during a rainy day...

Day 3:Fun time (JUMP HIGH)& Leisure at Tokyo Disneyland 
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo

DAY 3:My Journey with Iban Costume (LINK) & 
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
Day 5: 10th June 2012(Monday)
After the weekend showcase at VIVIT PLAZA...next destination for the DANCE TROUPE is Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(click link)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (東京外国語大学Tōkyō Gaikokugo Daigaku?), often referred to as TUFS, is a specialist research university in Fuchu, Tokyo,Japan.
TUFS is primarily devoted to foreign language,international affairs and foreign studies. It also features an Asia-African institution.

Sanggar Budaya Miri 
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
(Datun Julut,Rajang Be'uh, Melanau Menyak Dance & Malay 
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo 

 Dialogue session with Lecturers & studentsTokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo

After the showcase & dialogue session
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 
My new friend during Tokyo trip-KENJI TANAKA(with his Indonesia Batik) & He does speak malay fluently...he is a  fan of Zainal Abidin (lagu Hijau is his favorite)& Sheila Majid...(when both of them came to Tokyo 10 years ago for  the concert)..t

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 
Below : Meeting with university chancellor after the showcase & dialogue sessions .
Group Photo with Malaysian Lecturer (center)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
Sanggar Budaya Miri with President & Vice President from MALAYSIAN STUDENTS  ASSOCIATION IN JAPAN.(MSAJ).Both of them  had  became our TOURIST GUIDE & TRANSLATOR  during trip to this University (anyway they are studying at another University in TOKYO )..during our showcase at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo

Day 6: 11th June 2012(Tuesday)
Our last day in TOKYO..while waiting for our flight on the Night...taking an opportunity STROLLING at Shibuya Station(LINK/HACHIKO SQUARE...

Shibuya Station, one of Tokyo's busiest railway stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area.

Last Day(Day 6).. before departure to Kuala Lumpur 
Last Day before departure to Kuala Lumpur
@Borneo Culture Tour 2012,Tokyo
Hachiko square in Shibuya is the most popular place where a statue of dog is the sign of attractione for the tourists. There is story that this dog was commited to his owner and acommpined his master every morning regularly upto Shibuya sation whenever his owner left for duty and wait till his return in the evening. Unfortunately,One day owner died and never returned but the dog remained there till death. People love dog`s commitment.

Enjoy the showcase from MEKAR BUDAYA with AIZDEAN (Currently they are representing TOURISM MALAYSIA in JAPAN)


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