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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Life is NOT a fairy tale: Sayonara Year 2012..

Life is NOT  a fairy tale so...
DON'T think the friendships will never end!**Human Changing**
DON'T think we are all that perfect, because the truth is that NONE of us is!
DON'T think everything is always going to be alright but most MOST importantly, 
DON'T think everything has a Happy Ending!!!  BUT
"Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still or rough and rigid but in the end, it is always beautiful....
Desa Dairy Farm -the Mesilau Plateau, Kundasang, Ranau(Sabah)

'I'm still continuing  my passion  ...from year 2011 (click here.......). to year 2012....thanks for those i had met along this Journey.... meeting you all is not a coincidence...

"Life is like a camera; Focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if it goes wrong...Take another shot"
watch my Youtube Video:Through the year 2012 (All that we are-**here**

Despite my full time commitment as a "Chartered Accountants" i'm still managed to complete the task with the association I'm attached to.. PWSKL(Sarawak Heritage KL Association ),Arrow Community  & other institutions .
"BEM (Youth Semenanjung)-EXIST 2012 ,Angkatan Seni Foto Wilayah Persekutuan (ASFON),Jabatan Muzium Sarawak,ASIA Metropolitan Univercity College(MASTERSKILL)  ,Radio Televisyen Malaysia(RTM) ,Senator Doris Brondie , Edric Ong (Kuching),Borneo Rainforest Sunway,Von Jolly Couture,MO Studio-Sarikei,Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture (JKKN) ,Erwan Asbor Couture,Panggau Singai Crew,Tinggang Borneo Crafts Heritage ,Sarawak Tourism Board, Mamma Treble Clef Studio,Mekar Budaya (Japan),Sanggar Budaya(Miri) ,Teratak Seni Kerawang(IPG Cheras)for the year ended 2012..."
3rd Jan- LIVE on TV1 -Selamat Pagi Malaysia @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo.
5th Jan -LIVE TV2 -Hello on Two @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo
23th-24th Jan-Arrow CNY's Retreat & Camping@Port Dickson

FEB 2012
6th Feb-Arrow Outing@Bagan Lalang Sepang
10th Feb- Showtime with Teratak Seni Kerawang for Ngajat Dance @ Bankers Club KL (Senator Doris Brondie 's party)
24-26th Feb-Audition (Sarawak) Kumang Keling(Dayak Ethnic Pageant) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 :
24th Feb (Fri)(1.20pm -5.30pm).Mega Hotel Miri(11th Floor),Mega 1.25th Feb (Sat)(9.00am-12.30pm)Indoor Stadium Bintulu25th Feb (Sat) (4.00pm-6.00pm)Dewan Suarah Sibu26th Feb (Sun)(1.30pm-6.30pm) Court House Waterfront Kuching
MARCH 2012
3rd March- Audition Kumang Keling @ Borneo Hornbill Festival at MATIC.
4th March-EXIST 2012:Worship Revolution Audition(KL)
17th-18th March-Matta Fair KL 2012 @PWTC.
24th March-Launching "The Culture Industry Arts Bazaar"by JKKN
31th May -Workshop & Outdoor Photography with Angkatan Seni Foto Wilayah Persekutuan(ASFON)

APRIL 2012
14th Apr-The Culture Industry Arts Bazaar@ Dataran Merdeka.
27th-29th -Malaysia Wedding Festival (MEFA) @ Shah Alam Convention Centre

MAY 2012
11th May : Dinner with Ahli Parliment Sarawak @PASS (Persatuan Anak Sarawak  
22th May : LIVE Talkshow for Gawai Day @Hello on Two TV2
31th May : LIVE Talkshow (Hello On Two-TV2 )- for Gawai Festival with Borneo Rainforest Sunway.

JUN 2012
3rd June :EXIST 2012(Youth Conference) Photoshoot 
7th-12th June: Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo with Sanggar Budaya Miri@Tokyo Japan.
23rd June:1st Rehearsal @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 at MATIC.
30th June: The Spirits of The Harvest 2012 & BHF Preview@ Seduction Club KL

JULY 2012
1st July :Press Conference for Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012@Bangkung Row Bangsar
4th July- LIVE Talkshow TV1 -Selamat Pagi Malaysia @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo.
6th-8th July : Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012@MATIC.

AUGUST  2012
19th-22th Aug-EXIST 2012(Youth Conference @ Phileo Damansara.

SEPT 2012
16th Sept -Lake City's Family Day@Eco Laman Bistari
17th Sept :PWSKL @Audition TV Morning Host@Wisma TV Angkasapuri. 

OCT 2012
7th Oct-Arrow Community 's 5thAnniversary
26th Oct-  Futsal Tournament(Alive FC Lake City) @ Youth BEM Semenanjung.
27-28 Oct: Roadshow at MITM TRAVEL FAIR@Mid Valley.
30th Oct-PWSKL @Audition TV News Reader  @Wisma TV Angkasapuri.

NOV 2012
3rd-4th -Arrow Retreat @Kampung Jimah Lama Seremban
15 Nov-Promo -Sarawak Fashion Show -LIVE@Hello On Two(15/11)-RTM 2
17 Nov-Sarawak Fashion Hi-Tea 2012 @ Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.(CLICK link...)
22  Nov- Erwan Asbor Couture(LIVE!!)@Selamat Pagi Malaysia(TV1)
24 Nov-Singing Audition @ Borneo Music Festival KL 2013 at Mamma Treble Clef Studio

DEC 2012
2nd Dec- Christmas Celebration @ Lake City
12th Dec-Attending Official Soft Launching of Stacks(by Von Jolly)
**HIBERNATION PERIOD***(Holiday mood**
25th Dec-*My Christmas Celebration 2013
31th Dec 2012*Countdown 2013@Sky Lounge Ascott Kuala Lumpur

To all of my family and the friends I have made, Those who left for awhile and those who have stayed, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013.

"SAYONARA Year 2012....


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Adakah saiz jadi faktor pertimbangan anda? OMG kini di S.Alam sedia membantu. Lawat I AM GORGEOUS

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