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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sea Dayak of Borneo (Iban Tribe): Traditional Costume & New Creations!!

"The Iban Man wears the Vest( Baju Burung/Baju Kebat) & Baju Gagung and woven loin-cloth (Sirat) which is a warrior's outfit. The other accessories such as a Terabai(Shield of BORNEO),Parang Ilang(Sword),Belt(Lampit), armlet(Tumpa Lengan ) and anklet(Tumpa Betis ) made from silver and a headgear(Ketapu/Setapuk Tunjang) decorated with hornbill & great argus feathers(Bulu Kenyalang & Bulu Ruai/Ruwai)"
"The Iban maiden wears the ceremonial dress consisting of the bidang cloth, marek empang which is a chest adornment, the sugu tinggi headdress and other silver ornaments such as the coil belt and bangles."

Paren Nyawi's Journey from June 2011 to Dec 2012 with Iban Costume & Creations...
"After all ,there are some things that you can only achieve at a certain age..Life is certainly unpredictable but if we follow our hearts & do what makes us happy,they usually pave a path for us to make the things that we truly believe and want ..." possible & attainable".."

Sea Dayak of Borneo (Iban Tribe): Traditional Costume & New Creations!!**watch here***

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