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Monday, December 24, 2012

Spirits of The Harvest KL 2012@ Seduction Club KL (30th June 2012)

Spirits of The Harvest  KL 2012
The actual event taken place(30th June 2012)...Inaugural The Spirits Of The Harvest, an event by Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL & Selangor. Happening in KL, June 30th 2012, 6pm
   Finalist Kumang Keling 
Runduk Tadau Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 PREVIEW  Preview@ 
Seduction Club KL
An event to celebrate Gawai with the essence of joy, thanksgiving and the appreciation of the accompanying spirits. 
An opportunity to explore the many substance present in the elements of Gawai, including the rituals, the entertainment and the presentation.
Every year, the people of Sarawak celebrates the end of a successful harvest with rituals, dance and merrymaking. It is a celebration of unity, hope and aspiration for the Dayak as they also usher in another year of bountiful goodness. 
Among the mandatory items for Gawai is Tuak. It is a special rice wine, a drink for all occasions, be it Gawai, weddings or entertaining visitors. It is generally served during any sort of entertainment or festivities. When you arrive at any longhouse during the festival, the occupants will offer you Tuak as a welcoming drink. During the old days, the host would feel offended if visitors refuse the offering but now, they are more understanding as some religion like Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol of any sort.
Apart from the ceremonious Tuak, the Dayaks now have many other options when it comes to making Gawai a little merrier. A wide selection of beers, wines, liquors and spirits are becoming more familiar among the village people and urbanites alike. Some more affordable than the other.
Spirits Of The Harvest brings together all these beverages in Kuala Lumpur during a night of culture and heritage. It is hoped that Sarawakians and many others in Kuala Lumpur will share their appreciations towards different taste and tunes that Sarawakians have grown accustomed to.
The main feature of the event would be a ‘Tuak Of The Year’ competition. It is a platform for Tuak makers and drinkers to share ideas and thoughts on the art of making Tuak and enjoying it. The participants would have to adhere to certain terms and conditions before they are able to present their brews to be judged. They are required to furnish certain declarations such as base ingredients, standard methods of preparation and alcohol content. A mandatory testing for alcohol content would also be required for each entry.
Cultural presentations such as ethnic dance, musical instrument performance and entertainment by Dayak artists add to the colours of Gawai. Besides entertain, the presentations aim to inspire the audience to learn more about Dayak culture and Sarawak in general. This in turn inspires the younger generation to get in touch with their culture and heritage by being involved with different aspects in performing arts; a sense of belonging beyond borders.
The sponsors of the event also benefit from the crowd turn out as they are able to introduce their brands through product sampling and other engaging activities.

Finalist Kumang Keling 
Runduk Tadau Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 PREVIEW
Seduction Club KL
Spirits of The Harvest KL 2012@SEDUCTION CLUB KL
Spirits of The Harvest KL 2012@SEDUCTION CLUB KL
@ Spirits of The Harvest KL 2012

Culture Presentation (NGAJAT IBAN)@ Spirits of The Harvest KL 2012
MEDIA COVERAGE: Spirits of The Harvest 2012
link :KOSMO ONLINE: Warna Penentu Usia Tuak.

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