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Saturday, June 22, 2013

45 Finalists-Mr & Miss Borneo Ethnic @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013

BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL continues for the Fifth Year with major changes! Beginning 2013, the titles for BHF13 will be Miss Ethnic Sarawak, Miss Ethnic Sabah, Mr. Ethnic Sarawak and Mr. Ethnic Sabah.

It is our hope that the new titles will help Borneo Hornbill Festival's Ethnic Pageant establish itself on the national and international stage. Our aspiration and goal is to carry Borneo Culture and Heritage well beyond the borders of Borneo and earn international recognition for the beautiful tradition we guard and uphold with pride.

Our participants are screened across Malaysia, with auditions conducted in Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya to provide equal opportunities for Sarawakians living in various parts of the country.Read more..........

45 Finalists@ Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013.
1)FINALE(Coronation Nite for Group Winners)-6th July 2013
17 MEN:
Mr Sarawak(10 finalists)
Mr Sabah(6 finalists)
Miss Sarawak(Iban)-(10 finalists)
Miss Sarawak(Bidayuh)-(7 finalists)
Miss Sarawak(Org Ulu)-(6 Finalists)
Miss Sabah(6 finalists)
* 6 Winners for each categories =Top 6 for Grand Finale(7/7/13)**
2) GRAND FINALE-7th July 2013(Coronation Nite for Grand Title)
Mr Sarawak vs Mr Sabah (Top 2) vie for-->MR BORNEO ETHNIC
Miss Sarawak(Iban)+Miss Sarawak(Bidayuh)+Miss Sarawak(Org Ulu)+ Miss Sabah (Top 4) vie for MISS BORNEO ETHNIC

 Mr Sabah Ethnic @ Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
**6 Finalists Mr Sabah**
1) Awang Azlan bin Lim Manda(KL)
2) Ray Adrian Gusup(Kota Kinabalu)
3) Melvan Roben(Kota Kinabalu)
4) Christopher Adrian Winces(Kota Kinabalu)
5) Stanley Missun(Kota Marudu)
6) Bonnyventer(Kota Marudu)

Miss Ethnic Sabah @ Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
**6 Finalists Miss Sabah**
1) Jun Mitchelle Maisi(K.Kinabalu)
2) Cleopatra Sandud(KL)
3) Erma Fatimah Stiling(KL)
4) Rozalia Eastylia(KL))

5) Annabelle 
6)................... Miss Ethnic Sarawak(Keligit) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
**6 Finalists Keligit**
1) Vivien Mening (Miri)
2) Jessica Ngo (Miri)
3) Evintilisa Lisa Mering(Bintulu)
4) Lily Miet(KL))
5) Sofhia Mering (KL)
6) Abline Augustine(Johor Bahru)

Miss Ethnic Sarawak(Dayung Pimaguh) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
**7 Finalists Dayung Pimaguh**
1) Mellini Rigok(Kuching)
2) Hilnishalancie Saen(Kuching)
3) Marie Assunta Rijed (Kuching)
4) CriSter Pin(Johor Bahru)
5) Iviana Ajis (KL)
6) Elssey Lessianna Richard(KL)
7)  Evlyina Luck(KL)

Miss Ethnic Sarawak(Kumang) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013

** 10 Finalists Kumang **
1) Margareta Remang(Miri)
2) Mary Dera (Miri)
3) Caroline Jelembai(KL)
4) Sophia Lawrence(Johor Bahru)
5) Genevieve Janam(KL)
6) Deborah Sian (KL)
7) Gratia Gading(KL)
8) Annetie Ellin(KL)
9) Shirley Jameli(KL)
10) Helen Albert (KL)

Mr.Ethnic Sarawak(Keling) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
**10 Finalists Keling**
1) Vincent Alfred(KK)
2) Raca Mulong(Kuching)
3) Brandon Daby(Kuching)
4) Watson Menjang(Miri)
5) Leonard Nyangun Abong(KL)
6) Enki Pati(Miri)
7) Muhamad Iezwan Malique(KL)
8) Michael Fletine(KL)
9) Irwin Umban (KL)
10) Haslan Benjamin(Kuching)

 Venue for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
The Amphitheater, Kompleks Kraf Jln. Conlay
The Winners-Mr/Miss Sarawak Ethnic(Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012)
Seoul Korea Trip (May 22-May 26 2013)-Nami Island(Winter Sonata)
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