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Friday, October 4, 2013

My Craft Stall @ Several Occasion ( March -Sept 2013)

My Craft stall at Several Occasions....since last March 2013...besides  attending related Warisan Sarawak 's Event (Borneo Hornbill Festival ) ,Borneo Music Festival  & Spirits Of The Harvest (CHUG TV Shooting)
 & Travelling( Sarawak Audition BHF 2013  & Semenanjung Audition BHF 2013  (Guangzhou Jan 2013  & Seoul May 2013 ). in the meant time, i'm operating this crafts business at small scale only when i'm free....normally on weekend & public holiday..
.year 2012 past me by...last year i'm merely focused on events,,, & year 2011 .is my turning point in this line.. so i'm managing this page All-about-Borneo-Culture-Heritages (click to LIKE) to share my passion ...can't wait for next Travelogue.."CULTURE BEYOND BORDERS-NOV'DEC 2013)

KL Family Fair at MATIC( end of March to end of May 2013)

Magical Borneo Malaysiaku Street Fest(15-16th Sept 2013)-Bangkung Row Bangsar
 ( 28-29th Sept 2013)(Sat & Sun)(11.00am-8.00pm)( Booth 9 )
Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia (CAFFA) 2013 ..
KL Audition for BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL at this stall..
Date:27th Apr 2013(Sat) Venue; Kuala Lumpur Family Fair at Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC)
TV1 Promo for SARAWAK CRAFT product July 2012
Other related 2013 events:
MAGICAL BORNEO Evening & Malaysiaku Street Fest Aug/Sept 2013
 Women's Day 2013 @Putra World Trade Centre(25/8/13)
 Gand Finals -Crowning of Miss Malaysia World 2013-2nd Aug 2013
 TV2 Interview for GE 2013-May 2013
Lawas Trip(9th-13th Feb 2013)
 Balik Mengundi Trip-Song Sarawak.May 2013-Balang of Katibas

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