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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Down Memory Lane:Life after Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011..

Hi there how life? ...now is Apr 2014...time flies ..almost 3 years (after Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011.....so many things happened since past  3 years....
This is us(with Veeky & Austin Koh).3 years back ..Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011 

JUNE 2011
Iban Warrior Traditional Costume Photoshot
@ Bukit Gemilang Setapak KL
JULY 2011
 ( Selamat Pagi Msia TV1 ) (6/07/2011)
 Borneo Hornbill Festival 2011(23/07/2011)
Iban Costume Photoshoot with Kauluanexpress.com(31/7/2011)
AUG 2011

- Iban Costume for Sarawak Tourism Press Conference MATTA FAIR KL PWTC (12/8/2011)
20th Anniversary Gala Dinner SIDS(Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak)-Miri Branch(13th Aug 2011)
NOV 2011..

Launching Inaugural Sarawak Food Festival(EXOTIC SARAWAK) at Makan Kitchen ,DoubleTree by Hilton KL .For VIP Launching (Nov 8,2011) on 7.30pm
Meeting MB Selangor Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.(19/11/2011)

JAN 2012
-Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV1 for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo(3/1/2012)

 Hello on Two TV2 for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo(5/01/2012)
FEB 2012
Audition (Sarawak-Miri/Bintulu/Sibu/Kuching)
Kumang Keling(Dayak Ethnic Pageant) @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012(24-26th Feb 2012)
Audition Kumang Keling @ Borneo Hornbill Festival at MATIC KL ](03/03/2012)

MARCH 2012
 Roadshow :Matta Fair KL 2012 @PWTC(17-18/03/2012) @ Warisan Sarawak Booth
 Launching "The Culture Industry Arts Bazaar"by JKKN(Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara )(24/3/12)
- Workshop & Outdoor Photography with Angkatan Seni Foto Wilayah Persekutuan(ASFON)(31/03/ 2012)

APRIL 2012
The Culture Industry Arts Bazaar@ Dataran Merdeka by Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara(JKKN)(14/04/2012)
- Photoshoot with Edric Ong Male Ethnic Collection (Kuching)-22/4/2012
 Sarawak Nite!!@Borneo Baruk Club KL(28/04/2012)
Bajau (Sabah ) Costume for Launching -Malaysia Wedding Festival (MEFA) @ Shah Alam Convention Centre(28/04/2012)

The Traditional Kayan-Kenyah Maren's Wedding Ceremony @MEFA(Malaysia Wedding Festival 2012-Shah Alam)

MAY 2012
Travelogue Kundasang Sabah May 2012
- Dinner with MP (Ahli Parliment Sarawak) @byPASS (Persatuan Anak Sarawak Semenanjung) (11/05/2012)
-Jabatan Muzium Sarawak for Sambutan Hari Muzium Antarabangsa 2012@Muzium Negara KL(17-20th May 2012)
 Talkshow for Gawai Day @Hello on Two TV2(22/05/2012)
- Dinner Cultural Dining @Borneo Rainforest Cafe Sunway(25/5/2012)
-LIVE Talkshow (Hello On Two-TV2 )- during Gawai Day Festival with Borneo Rainforest Sunway(31/05/2012)
JUNE 2012

-Judge for Kumang Gawai for Pesta Gawai & Kaamatan 2012@Asean Metropolitan Uni College (Masterskill)(4/06/2012)
Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo 2012(link)
 Borneo Culture Tour Tokyo with Sanggar Budaya Miri@Tokyo Japan (Collaboration With Tourism Malaysia & Mekar Budaya Dance Troupe 
 Tokyo Japan (7-12/06/2012).BORNEO CULTURE TOUR JUNE 2012(TOKYO)
 Aizdeen is the first Malaysian to become Jpop singer in Japan.
 Farley Supermarket Gawai Festival 2012
Preview Finalist Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013 :Seduction Club (Spirits of The Harvest 2013)

JULY 2012
Press Conference for Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012@Bangkung Row Bangsar(01/07/2012)
- Talkshow TV1 -Selamat Pagi Malaysia @Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012 Promo(04/07/2012)
Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012@Malaysia Tourism Centre KL (6-8/07/2012)
Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2012@Malaysia Tourism Centre KL (6-8/07/2012)
AUG 2012

EXIST 2012-Youth Conference 
Pre -Sarawak Fashion Show Promo -Hello On Two TV2(15/11/2012)
-Sarawak Fashion Hi-Tea 2012 @ Concorde Hotel Shah Alam for Outdoor interview with BERNAMA TV(17/11/2012)
Post Sarawak Fashion Show( Erwan Asbor Couture@Selamat Pagi Malaysia(TV1)(22/11/2012)
Travel log:Guangzhou China(15th-19th Jan 2013) (LINK)
Borneo Culture Tour with Badan Keseniaan MINDEF 1 at Guangzhou China( 15-19/01/2013)
Lawas(Sarawak)Feb 2013

MARCH 2013
Finale Borneo Music Festival  Mar 2013

 Travels of Young Sea Dayak to the Land of Opportunity :An Authoethnographic Study-Graduate Exhibition 2013 -Pen State University USA (24/03/2013)

APRIL 2013
Festival Bayu Kenyalang Universiti Malaysia Pahang@Kompleks Sukan UMP.(20/4/13)
- Sarawak Audition(Miri-Bintulu-Sibu-Kuching) Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013 (14-17/03/2013)
Semenanjung Audition Panel for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
-Johor Audition@Pasar Tamu Dayak Johor (6/4/2013)
-KL Audition @Chinese Assembly Hall(13/4/13)
-Pahang Audition(20/4/13) @Kompleks Sukan UMP.(20/4/13)

MAY 2013
 Outdoor Interview for THE HEAT TV2 -Special TV Program for Malaysia General Election 2013(5/05/2013)
 Balik Kampung : Song Sarawak for General Election 201(May 2013)
Travel log:Seoul May 2013(LINK)
Borneo Culture Tour with Miss/Mr Sarawak Ethnic winners 2012
at Seoul Korea (22-26/05/2013)

JULY 2013
 Borneo Hornbill Festival KL 2013@Kompleks Kraf Malaysia Jln Conlay KL
- Recipient for Special Honorable Award by Persatuan Warisan Sarawak KL & Selangor.

AUG 2013
Orang Ulu National Association Sarawak(OUNA) during Women's Day 2013 Celebration at PWTC KL Malaysia(25/08/13)
 Sarawak Craft for KL Family Fair at Malaysia Tourism Centre KL(every weekend(March to June 2013)

Aug 2013
Spirits Of The Harvest 2013 Preview(4th Aug 2013)
Preview SOTH-Tuak Education & Appreciation at Leonardoskl
SEPT 2013
The CHUG Show by Zane Lamprey travels around the world to learn about international drinking cultures and customs.. shooting (4th Sept 2013) with Warisan Sarawak.
Magical Borneo @ Malaysiaku Celebrating 50 Years of Malaysia-Bangkung Row Bangsar(15-16/09/2013)
 Fuyoh Art Bazaar-Art Row Publika KL (28-29/09/2013

OCT 2013

-Voice over talent for( Documentary) in Iban Language for Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Bumiputera Sarawak)(Sarawak Usage)
NOV 2013
 Travels of a Young Sea Dayak to the Land of Opportunity: An Authoethnographic Study by Larry Edwin during an American Association for Adult & Continuing Studies Conference 2013... @Lexington, Kentucky.USA ..
Pua Kumbu Exhibition Asia House London(23/11/2013) by Warisan Sarawak KL
Pua Kumbu Exhibition London(23-25 Nov 2013) by Warisan Sarawak KL
MARCH 2014
panggau-buluh-pengerindu-johor ( 8th March 2014)

Roadshow at Sarawak Tourism Booth for Borneo Hornbill Festival 
2014 - MATTA FAIR KL @PWTC (15/03/2014)
Ethnic Pageant Audition(Sarawak)@Borneo Hornbill Festival(Miri-Bintulu-Sibu-Kuching)(21-23th March 2014)
Ethnic Fashion Statement....
With the kids
Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement:Kayan /Kenyah Male Costume
 Ethnic Fashion Statement..
Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement:
Dayak Iban Male Costume

Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement:
(Edric Ong's:Ketapu Topi Tunjang.)
Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement:
Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement
PUA KUMBU @ Travelogue 2013.
Guangzhou,China(Jan 2013), Seoul ,Korea (May 2013), London, UK( Nov 2013) & Paris, France (Dec 2013)
TUESDAY, 29 APR 2014
For the love of PUA KUMBU


Borneo Ethnic Fashion Statement:
Venue :National Musuem (Muzium Negara Malaysia)
Dayak Kayan /Kenyah(Orang Ulu Sarawak) Male Costume

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