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Monday, July 14, 2014

Kadazan Papar@Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014

Elizabeth Donna Kong(Sino-Kadazan)
1st Runner Up MISS SABAH ETHNIC(KD)-2014
A bamboo hat called siung will be dorned with coloured feathers if a woman is still single .

Elizabeth Donna Kong(Sino-Kadazan)
1st Runner Up MISS SABAH ETHNIC(KD)-2014
Magic Shutter Photography for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014
The traditional costume worn by the Papar Kadazandusun women indicates the marital status of the wearer. A bamboo hat called siung will be dorned with coloured feathers if a woman is still single and flowers if she is married. A widow, grandmother or senior citizen will wear an undecorated hat.

The outfit consists of a siya, long-sleeved black velvet blouse and a gonob, matching knee-length sarong that has a rinangkit (hand-stitched panel) on the side.

The siya is bejeweled with gold lace and sequins along the cuffs and neckline, and three korusang (gold coin brooches). Eight pairs of kubamban (gold buttons) also line the front of the shirt and an equal number of buttons are stitched on to the sleeves.

The costume is further adorned with a belilit (silver coin bangle) on each arm and rupiah (silver dollar coin belts). Women who are single will wear three belts, whilst those who are married will use two and widows will only have one. Another smaller silver belt is often added to signify the wealth of the wearer’s family.

The siya and siung are worn only in the morning of festival days. When noon arrives, the women change into a capped-sleeved blouse. The gonob, belts and jewellery will still remain however, the sounding (black scarf with gold trimmings) is usually removed and draped over one shoulder.SOURCE:newsabahtimes.com.my/magazine

Elizabeth Donna Kong(Sino-Kadazan)
1st Runner Up MISS SABAH ETHNIC(KD)-2014
The Kadazans have a particularly good affinity with the local Chinese, resulting in the coinage of the term Sino-Kadazan, meaning half-Kadazan and half-Chinese offspring of these unions.

Elizabeth Donna Kong(Sino-Kadazan)
Miss Sabah Ethnic -KadazanDusun 2014
Ledesma Steven(Centre) -Winner
flanked by 1st Runner Up( Elizabeth Donna)(left) ,2nd Runner Up Ezetty Jouni (Right)

Magic Shutter Photography for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014


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