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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lakiput-a vanishing Dayak Tribe.

"Kiput-Lelak-Narum-Miriek-Daliek-Bakong-Tutong-Berawan-Belait are spoken the similar language..& classified under LOWER BARAM DAYAK...The Sultan Brunei had asked them embraced Islam (except Berawan & a few KIPUT) were converted to MUSLIM..from that moments the SULTAN BRUNEI has conquered them & collected the TAX at LOWER BARAM.(READ MORE:Lower Baram Language)
Introduction / History
Lakiput is the name of a minority ethnic tribe of Sarawak, which is mainly found in the Baram district. Lakiput or otherwise known as "Kiput" (as mispronounced by most people) is among the earlier settlers of Baram and as such the tribe is fondly referred to as "Lepo Pu'un" meaning: the "earlier tribe" or "Bangsa Asal" in Malay.
The population of Lakiput is estimated slightly over 2000 people and are mostly settled in three main locations along the Baram river, ie. Kuala Tutoh (Christian), Kpg, Benawa (Muslim) and Lubok Nibong (Muslim). The other communities that are closely related to the Lakiput, and sharing similar vocabularies are Narum, Jati Miriek and Bakong while in our neighbouring nation of Brunei, the Belait and Kiudang are also close "cousins" of Lakiput.
In the old days, Lakiput leaders have always been referred to in matters pertaining to Orang Ulu, by top Government Administrators based in Marudi. This is due to their vast knowledge of Baram and its people. Even earlier, traders from as far as Brunei came over to the Lakiput's homeland to trade and that explain the presence of souvenier items such as Gongs, kris, brass canon, textiles and other musical implements kept as prized possession by some of the aristrocrat Lakiput. 
Some of the earlier Lakiput leaders are The Late Jok Pengiran, The Late Tinggang Jok (Jok Pengiran's son), The late Manak Dapat (Nephew of Tinggang Jok), The Late Penghulu Lejau Malang (nephew of Manak Dapat and grandchild of Jok Pengiran and also great grandchild of Orang Kaya Temenggong Lawai Melayong).
Like with other communities in Sarawak, the Lakiput's rural populations are also dwindling as quite a big number of their young people have been lured into the cities in search of employment and life's comfort. A sizeable number of the Lakiput are doing well in Brunei and have been accorded permanent resident status in the Sultanate. These numbers are actually a big loss to the Lakiput since the have migrated and automatically lose their right as Lakiput.(SOURCE:http://joshuaproject.net/LAKIPUT)
1st Lakiput@Borneo Hornbill Festival 6.0


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