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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Early Iban Migration:Iban Batang Rajang (Kapit/Katibas)

        Ibans living in areas from Sarikei to Miri are called Rajang Ibans. This group is also known as "Bilak Sedik Iban". They are the majority group of the Iban people. They can be found along the Rajang River, Sibu, Kapit, Belaga, Kanowit, Song(Katibas), Sarikei, Bintangor, Bintulu and Miri. Their dialect is somewhat similar to the Ulu Ai or lubok antu dialect.(Iban_people)
ORIGIN:Batang Ai /Batang Kanyau(Kalimantan)??
Borneo: The Batang Kanyau Iban of West Kalimantan (Oct 2001) 
"In 1849 Linggir ...... At this time no Iban had migrated up the Rajang above the Katibas tributary."
 On their arrival in the Kanyau, Naga and his followers lived at Emperan Kawat and subsequently at Kerangan Labu. Here they were raided by lower Batang Ai Iban from Kumpang. Due to this trouble Naga led his followers to the headwaters of the Katibas on the Sarawak side of the border. In this new country they first settled at Jekelan and then later moved to Emperan where they were attacked by joint forces of Kantu’ and Embaloh Dayaks. These enemies came from the Kanyau and Ketunggau tributaries of the Kapuas River. To escape this danger they moved to Batu Gong, and then settled at Tekalit. While Naga was still living in the Katibas he transferred his chieftainship to his sons Unggat and Gerinang.IBAN KATIBAS (Song Sarawak)
Legend of BATU GONG-Hulu Katibas Song
(Song Sarawak)
Myth told :
 BUNGAI NUING(half God /Half Human) VS REMAUNG( Half Human/Half Lion )
(BUNGAI NUING - Iban's God & REMAUNG - Prey for Iban Flesh to survived in Katibas River)
When REMAUNG rampantly preyed for Iban People in Katibas River .  BUNGAI NUING came down from Heaven(Pangau Libau) to stopped REMAUNG & protected the Iban.BATU GOING was a Shelter for REMAUNG when BUNGAI NUING came down from PANGAU LIBAU (Heaven) and blocked the hole  while REMAUNG still inside this stone and trapped forever and eventually this ROCK turned to this feature until today similar like a GONG or TAWAK..because of the hole(entrance) had been blocked with the BIG STONE. 
The gong is one of the quintessential musical instruments of BORNEO(might be Origin form China Civilization) From this settlement, he and his people migrated into the Katibas in Sarawak territory via Sungai Ayat in order to settle at the Bangkit stream. From the Bangkit, Jubang and his people moved down the main Katibas River to the Rajang and then up that river to settle in the Sut, a tributary of the Baleh. While he was living in the Sut, Jubang joined Gerinang’s war against the Pieng Dayaks in the Mahakam River in Indonesian territory, and there he was killed. At the time of his father’s death, Koh lived at Nanga Dia where he was appointed Penghulu by the Raj all because he had obeyed the government wishes in not taking revenge upon the Julau Iban who had killed his cousin named Lanau during the fighting at Bukit Balong. 

This is Batu Perejuk Bungai Nuing.
Legend has it that an Iban warrior named Bungai Nuing leaped from this rock and landed on the other side of the riverbank – a distance of some 40 metre

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/10/05/on-the-semah-trail-along-sg-katibas/#ixzz3HINPnBYt
Katibas Upriver (Hulu Katibas) (Song Sarawak)
After he had attacked the Piengs, Gerinang led another war against the Lusum Dayaks at Keluan and defeated them. As a result of this the Lusum Dayak fled to settle in the Baram. In their place at Keluan, the Badang Dayak have lived there to the present day. Gerinang was imprisoned by the Rajah for this attack on the Lusum, but later he was appointed Penghulu, succeeding his deceased grandfather Penghulu Keling. 
In Jubang’s company from the Katibas there was a Nanga Delok man named Melintang. When he arrived in the Baleh he was permitted by the chiefs of that river to live with his followers in the Merirai tributary. He was appointed the first Penghulu of that river in 1942 but died shortly after his appointment. After his death he was succeeded by his grandson the late Tun Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Temenggong Jugah, the former Federal Minister for Sarawak Affairs after Sarawak was given in¬dependence within the Malaysian Federation in 1963. 
Jubang, the father of Temenggong Koh, left Lubang Baya in the Batang Ai to migrate to the Kanyau River where he lived at Pulau Ensulit. It was at this settlement that he married Garong, the daughter of chief Ba, and their child was Temenggong Koh, the well known Iban chieftain of modern Sarawak, who died in 1955.(early-iban-migration-part-3).. 
Ngepan Iban : Batang Rajang Costume 
Iban Batang Rajang Costume mostly influenced by  Orang Ulu(Kayan/Kenyah) and Embaloh 

iban Batang Rajang Costume

iban Batang Rajang Costume
Iban Batang Rajang Costume @Borneo Hornbill Festival
Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban(Formerly known as Kumang Iban)
Ngepan Dujung Marik(Iban Rajang)
IBAN COSTUME-Ngepan Iban Batang Rajang
Elveyner Melaya Mau- Finalist Miss Sarawak Ethnic BHF 2012@MATIC KL
Borneo Hornbill Festival 2012
IBAN COSTUME-Ngepan Iban Batang Rajang
Borneo Hornbill Festival 2013
IBAN COSTUME-Ngepan Iban Batang Rajang
Nathalie Dinggai-Miss Sarawak Ethnic BHF 2013@MENARA SSM KL
Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014


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