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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dayak Peacemaking Agreements in BORNEO

Headhunting was rampant in BORNEO before Dayak Peacemaking Agreements by Colonial Government.Now ,DAYAKs  living PEACE AND HARMONY among each other..

3 Reasons for abandoning headhunting are:
1)After Peacemaking Agreements at Tumbang Anoi (Kalimantan) ,Marudi (Sarawak ) & Kapit (Sarawak)
2)Coming of Christianity, with education where Dayaks are taught that headhunting is murder and against the Christian Bible's teachings.
3)Dayaks' own realization that headhunting was more to lose than to gain.

Dayak Peacemaking Agreements in Borneo took place at 3 venues 
(within 30 years 1894-1924)
1st Peacemaking(1894) at Tumbang Anoi Village (now Kalimantan Indonesia)
2nd Peacemaking(1899) at Marudi Town(now Sarawak Malaysia)
3rd Peacemaking(1924) at Kapit Town (now Sarawak Malaysia)

 Dayak Peacemaking Agreements 1924

The Peace Making at KAPIT on 16th November, 1924 between the Kayans, Kenyahs and Kajangs of the Apoh Kayan and Balui River and the Sea Dayaks on the Batang Rejang and Batang Ai ” ”It is most festive ever at Kapit that time.Representing group from Brunei, Indonesia and colonial government also take part
 The Peace Making at KAPIT on 16th November, 1924 between the Kayans, Kenyahs and Kajangs of the Apoh Kayan and Balui River and the Sea Dayaks on the Batang Rejang and Batang Ai 

Dayak Peacemaking Agreements 1899
@Marudi Town(Sarawak -Malaysia)

Group portrait showing chiefs sitting on a raised dais between wooden carved images, with tribesmen in the background. The two central figures are Tama Bulan and Tama Kulieng.

'The great peace-making at Marudi, 1899, Baram District, between the Kayan, Kenyah, and Klemantan Tribes of East and West Borneo'. Photograph by Hose and Shelford.

Baram regatta was first held in 1899 at Claudetown (Marudi) 
at the time of peace making ceremony.
It is held every three year.


Dayak Peacemaking Agreements 1894


Venue for Peacemaking agreements at Tumbang Anoi, 
          Kalimantan in 1894 by Dutch Government

Peacemaking agreements at Tumbang Anoi,
Kalimantan in 1894

Peacemaking agreements at Tumbang Anoi, 
Kalimantan in 1894

Peacemaking agreements at Tumbang Anoi, 
Kalimantan in 1894

Peacemaking agreements at Tumbang Anoi, 
Kalimantan in 1899

Comments ;
That's why we in Sarawak are the best and independent. Where all races can live in peace and harmony 64 years long before we form this Federation of Malaysia in 1963. The independent that you get 5 years before that is thru the paper but not doing a peace making between 3 main races. Dare to humble and seek forgiveness? Do it than our federation will unite.. .. God bless this land ..


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