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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Government will upgrade WATER TREATMENT PLANT in Song ,Sarawak ?

 The constant interruption of treated water supply in Song during peak hours this year has raised questions on whether the district’s existing water treatment plant has a capacity sufficient to meet the growing population.

“The Song district water treatment plant, providing clean water to a population of about 20,000, is now over 20 years of age and it is time for the facilities to be improved.

is the capacity of the existing plant sufficient to meet the expanding population of Song district considering the increased migration from the interiors over the past decade?

DAP Katibas protem chairman Paren Nyawi said the interruption often occurred between 5pm and 9pm, affecting about 3,000 people in the areas of Kpg Gelam, Kpg Baru, Kpg Cina, Kpg Mission, Kpg Rian and some other residential areas.

Other areas affected included the longhouses at Nanga Kebiaw, Nanga Muyun, Nanga Sepadi, Sungai Sebelalang and Nanga Nyimoh.


Schools were also not spared from the conundrum since June, during the dry season which resulted in low water level from the main source of Sungai Katibas. He said Affected schools included SMK Song, SK Cardinal Vaughan and SJK Hin Hua.

during the dry season which resulted in low water level from the main source of Sungai Katibas.

Several community leaders have met with the 34-year-old social activist to voice their concern over the matter and hoped the government would provide allocation to build a bigger capacity water treatment plant in light of the unveiling of the national Budget 2016 this month.

“The Song district water treatment plant, providing clean water to a population of about 20,000, is now over 20 years of age and it is time for the facilities to be improved.

“The water interruption always occurred during peak hours between 5pm and 9pm and the relevant authority would provide a notice advising the people to ration water. The question is, is the capacity of the existing plant sufficient to meet the expanding population of Song district considering the increased migration from the interiors over the past decade?

We are hoping the government will upgrade this treatment plant. Furthermore, the completion of the Sibu-Song-Kapit road is certain to attract more people to this area,” Paren told The Borneo Post.

He added that previously, the plant was maintained by Public Works Department (JKR) but has since been taken over by the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB) under the purview of the state’s Public Utilities Ministry.

On a related note, he said some community leaders had raised concern over the quality of water produced by the plant.

He said since the beginning of last month, many villagers had reported of contracting diarrhoea. While some blamed the haze for the poor water quality, many hoped the relevant government agencies would investigate the matter.

“We hope JBALB will conduct a test on the water quality to ensure it meets the requirement of the National Drinking Water Quality Standard and make their findings public,” continued Paren who hails from Nanga Sepadi.
DAP man wants frequent disruption of water supply


National Drinking Water Quality Standard ??
Keadaan di paip SONG ,SARAWAK pada 01.01.2015 
Keadaan di paip SONG ,SARAWAK pada 01.11.2015

Keadaan di paip SONG ,SARAWAK pada 03.11.2015
Read here:
Treated water in Song & National Drinking Water Quality Standard??


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