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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Politics taking priority over the wellbeing and welfares of the people?

Water supply, such a basic amenity that we took for granted, is godsend to these folks who waited for 15 years until Impian Sarawak came along.

DAP condemns the BN state government of selective political persecution for those who are supportive of the opposition through the use of government apparatus such as the Minor Rural Projects (MRP) and through the Community Chiefs and Headman Ordinance 2004.
There were many cases reported that the state government punishes them by cutting off the minor rural projects and revoked and terminated the appointment of Tuai Rumah.
A classic example is the “jangan lawan tauke” phrase of Dr. James Masing in the case of an OKU from Sri. Aman who was stripped of his social welfare assistance because of his strong support for the opposition.
Another example is the RH. Timban located at Sg. Iran, Song, where the 14-doors longhouse has not have the water supply for the past 15 years. The folks have been pleading for the water supply and thought that their plight would finally be resolved when RH. Chirry, which is less than 40 feet away from them was connected with gravity-fed water supply and water purification system in 2014.
But their nightmares began when they were told they will not be connected with the gravity-fed project funded by the government. No official explanation was given although unofficially they were told they were cut off from all government projects because they were reported to be supportive of the opposition in the 2013 general election.
I was shown the leftover materials of the RH. Chirry’s gravity-fed project such as pipes and drums and what not which could be put to good use for RH. Timban but the authority would rather them to be put in a store where the 100 plus folks of RH. Timban could see but could not touch. This is pure mean and disrespectful of the folks of RH. Timban who are all Sarawakians and who should be treated fairly and equitably.
Tuai Rumah Timban recalled that sometime in May 2015 he discovered that his allowance as the Tuai Rumah was cut off although he received no official letter to the effect and he was not been told what he did wrong to deserve the revocation from the state government. His request for the black and white on his dismissal also were ignored and to date he is still puzzled as to why his appointment was revoked and terminated.
After all the plea for water supply landed on deaf ears, the folks at RH. Timban approached Mr. Paren Nyawi, the pro tem Chairman of DAP Katibas and personal assistant to MP of Sibu, who has been actively canvassing in Katibas to help the people there. The Impian Sarawak team was invited by Paren Nyawi to look into the feasibility of setting up a gravity-fed water project sometime in September 2015. The project went into full swing with the participation of the Impian Sarawak team and the locals and they did it within 3 months at a cost of only RM 15,000.
The BN government should see the delight and joys of the folks, old and young, when the water flows out the pipe that was connected to their long house. That simple amenity of water connected to the house that most Malaysian take for granted seems like godsend to these folks.
Although the BN government has approved RM 1.155 billion for Minor Rural Projects for 2015 alone, approximately RM20 million per state constituency area, many BN held constituencies are still without the basic amenities such as electricity and water supply.
We want the Chief Minister of Sarawak to explain where have the money gone to and whether the accounts of all these projects have been or will be audited. DAP has always call the BN government to show transparency and to treat Sarawakians fairly and with dignity. We also want the chief minister to make a stand whether he has double standard in delivering projects to the rural communities. Most important of all whether the Chief Minister would allow politics taking priority over the well-being and welfare of Sarawakians.
The failure of the BN government to provide basic amenities and infrastructures such as electricity and water supply 52 year after the formation of Malaysia is a shame. BN has always use development cards in their campaign to urge the people to support BN but failed to live up to their promises after the elections.
The political persecution of the people by denying them the rights to development funds and projects is morally wrong and goes against the principles of true democracy and good governance.
Under Impian Sarawak, we will provide basic infrastructure – roads, water and electricity. In short, we want to return to the rural communities the dignity to choose the government they want – dignity that every citizen in a democratic country deserves. We believe that the winds of change are gathering momentum across rural Sarawak.
For decades, Barisan Nasional has deprived the rural communities of their basic rights and habitually dishes out pre-election handouts in exchange for their votes. We vow to do things differently to bring about genuine change to their lives.https://www.facebook.com/DapSarawakOfficial/photos/a.851271804910656.1073741826.851232598247910/971838432853992/?type=3&pnref=story

That big blue water purification is for RH. Chirry and not for Rh. Timban, why?

This water purification system is expensive but reserved for BN supporters only, why?
Mr. Paren Nyawi, the pro tem Chairman of DAP Katibas branch, and all the folks of Rh. Timban.


[Gravity Fed Water - Rh Timban, Song]
We had successfully built 1.5km pipe connected to Rh Timban, located at interior part of Song. It is also our first mark in Song, which is one of the most inaccessible district area in Sarawak.
There is no road connected from outside world. The Mighty Rajang river is the only transport connection that link the dots from Sibu town to Song district. Logistic arrangement is the most challenging part in this project and we were glad that we overcome it.
Thank you for all the volunteers and the high spirit of gotong-royong among the rakyat Rh Timban, who make this water project a big success!


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