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Sunday, June 26, 2016

5 Questions@11th Sarawak State Election

1) Why do you want to contest the election?
I want to be an agent of change for Sarawak political landscape. Sarawak especially rural folks have been neglected for more than 50 years under Barisan Nasional.

We must be vigilant in ensuring that the government compromises those who have the humility to serve the people –not those whose aims are to amass power and fortune for themselves.

I am representing rural voices and I want their voice to be heard that why I want to contest the election. I want to give back to society .As the youth, I want to be proactive in social-politic as an effort youth empowerment and nation-building.

2) What you want to change in your community and Sarawak?
I was raised up among Dayak Iban community and they are make up 90 % of voters for my constituency. There is still a long way to go for poverty eradication efforts among the Dayak, 80 per cent of whom still living in poverty.

After 50 years joined Malaysia, Sarawak remains as a poorest state in Malaysia even though Sarawak blesses with natural resources and being “fixed deposit” for Barisan Nasional wouldn’t change anything.

Vision 2020 approaching but we are Sarawakian 20 years behind Peninsular Malaysia in terms of development. I want Iban people reject BN in order to move forward .We had given them a chance for 50 years. Now is time for Ubah Sarawak for real change. BERANI UBAH ANANG TAKUT ANANG SURUT, UBAH KATIBAS.

3) What kind of issues would you bring out in your constituency?
My constituency N.62 Katibas still lack of basic infrastructure such as road, electricity and telecommunication. This is old issues.It is now the 21st century but Song town still depends solely on the Rajang River to link up with other towns such as Kapit,Kanowit and Sibu.

Presently, Sibu is already connected to Kanowit, and from there to Ngemah, by road.

The Kapit/Song/Kanowit Road will be completed by 2018 with the announcement of an RM87 million allocation for the construction of the ‘missing link’ of 9.6 kilometres between Nanga Temalat in Song and Nanga Ngemah in Kanowit by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on June 2015.

In fact, about 150 longhouses within the Katibas constituency in Song District.

Thus far, Katibas has 15 % tarred road to longhouses and villages and 15 % earth road or gravel to longhouses .Therefore, 70 % longhouses in Katibas inaccessible by road. Meanwhile, only 20% longhouses and villages have a 24/7 electricity.

4) What are your political expectation for this coming election?

I want to see clean elections and I am expect DAP’s rural seats win at least 5 seats and this will bring a message to Adenan and Najib we are no longer BN’s fixed deposit .I want changed and deny 2/3 majority BN in DUN is my expectation .

5) Why do you join DAP?

I agreed with DAP ideologies and Impian Malaysia .Impian Malaysia merely a “Dream” if  Dayak and Orang Asli left behind from the other races. Now 60 % Dayak join DAP  Sarawak and DAP is welcome by other races.

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