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Monday, September 19, 2016

Ranjau sepanjang jalan...

After sometimes , never update this blog..
4 months after State Election was over.. everything reset to normal just like past 37 years ago ,Katibas had chose BN as their representative .

What the real change now ??
 The History has changed..
As part of this history and the seeds of "Ubah" scattering everywhere 
&  whether we like it or not we must embrace this "change" sooner or later .

As a person , those memories was a great !! The obstacles & challenges during the process is a good lesson.Thanks Gods for this valuable experiences
" Ranjau sepanjang jalan" always being part of rural folks life for past 53 years in this beloved country 
 May our next generation will see the light at the end of tunnel . No matter what the future may brings .I am glad that i am here for a good cause because this is my home . yes my home !!

Images: Pre-election campaign photo collection early this year

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